Saturday, May 2, 2009

Is it May??

Wow, I popped over to one of the blogs I read (oh, so, many of my sentences start that way) and her top post said May 2nd. I thought "hmmm? I know that you can post and then save it for future dates and it will publish automatically, but why did her post for May 2nd publish already?". Long story short, I though we were still in April. Yikes!!

Jared and I hit Target tonight after I convinced him to purchase THE work out DVD that would CHANGE. MY. LIFE. (insert sarcasm here). I have actually, for the most part, stuck with exercise since the first of the year and although I have dropped some weight I have more to lose and I was needing fresh inspiration. Free classes are still going on at my church and they are HANDS DOWN, the. best. workout. I have EVER done. Lucia, aka the work-out queen (according to yours truly), KICKS YOUR BUTT! I LOVE IT!! (Have I used enough CAPS and Exclamation points yet?) The problem is I truly find it difficult to get out of the house to work out consistently so I decided to continue power walking, which I LOVE, and work-out DVD's which I find kind of boring. I am a sociable kind of gal and when I talk to my DVD's they don't talk back. Bummer!

OK so I did a couple of P-90 X workouts with Mindy that were awesome but it is her system and I can promise you that I cannot commit to 6 days a week/60-90 minute workouts each time. The two times Mindy and I did this our children were sitting on us and climbing through our legs. Not working. I tend to be an all or nothing kind of girl so I wanted to find something else that was practical for me.


I was catching up on one of the blogs I read (see, I told you) and I saw that she had started Jillian Michaels "30 Day Shred". She started it because another blogger challenged them to stick to 30 days. I thought GENIUS! It is a 20 minute workout. I am IN! I can do that during the boys nap and still have some down time. SCORE! So my wonderful husband plunked down the $15 (along with ridiculous amounts of money for diapers) and I plan to do it for the next 30 days. I told him that if I don't stick to it than he gets a massage every night for the following 30 days. This will be ALL the motivation that I need! J/K!!! Well, not completely, because 30 consecutive massages. YIKES!

My 33rd birthday is exactly one month from today so that should be motivation as well. The problem is I though the 2nd wasn't until Monday so technically I should be doing the work-out right now. If you are reading this and feel like joining in I would LOVE IT. I am planning to start Monday. Say a prayer that Jillian doesn't KILL me!!

I should add that after posting about my little health scare I had a follow up visit and my primary care doctor does not believe that my blood pressure/vision problem was related to lifestyle (ie diet and exercise) but my previous bout with pre-eclampsia. I was pretty bummed about this b/c I was hoping that I could lose a few pounds and not have to be on bp meds. I took a week off of working out and had a pity party and then realized that this was crazy. Working out is good for me and so is losing weight so I got back on track last week work out wise and plan to push forward as I have mentioned. Apparently, they are finding that women who developed pre-e during pregnancy are having reciprocal health issues. I guess we will see and to be honest I am hoping my Dr. is wrong!!


Liz said...

good for you!best of luck over the next 30 days--keep us posted of course! maybe I will be inspired!
exercise more is one of my new years resolutions...but hmmmm....haven't done much about that one...can you say wake up call!!

Crazy About My Boys said...

I have that video too! It is a good video and be ready to work non-stop!! She works you good during the 25 minute workout! I like it though! Hopefully you will too! Good luck!


Stephanie said...

I'm in!! I will get these last few pounds off if it kills me. It is a good DVD, you will like it. I bought a new workout by Jillian called "No More Trouble Zones" It is tough, but great!! It is cardio and strength training. Let's go workout buddy :)

Lanie said...

Stopping by from SITS to say Hello! Good luck on your workouts and your babies are beautiful!

monica said...

Good luck on those video's. I would join in...I know I need to do something, but there is no time for me to do workout video's. Keep us posted on how you are doing!