Thursday, September 29, 2011

Apple Orchard 2011

Addie's first donut at the cider mill. She LOVED it. The boys were diggin' it too.Picnik collage
We had a really nice day at the "apple or-church" which is what the boys called it. Coincidentally we did actually skip church on this particular day so it was quite fitting.

Eli loved feeding the animals. I love this picture because it captures his excitement with Alex peering from behind the protection of his brother. I also love that you can catch a glimpse of Jared's smile. :)

They wore their super hero capes, of course.

I had to get a picture of Eli standing by the "vampire" apples, which is what he called them. This, is what 4 year olds do when you say "Go stand next to the sign for a picture".

I caught a little hand holding on the way home. So sweet. Picnik collage
This weekend is REALLY cold. I am actually hoping Jared might want to use our fireplace tonight when he gets home.

In other news we have actually been invited to watch a Lions game on Sunday with a group of friends. Can you believe it? The Lions are actually WORTH watching. Jared and I only watch sports once in a blue moon but I am wondering if we should get on this bandwagon. I am still just shocked and in awe that they are predicted to have a good season. It's crazy. :)

My fall decorating is complete which was fun for me. Maybe I will snag some pictures of that and share soon. All else is well except I am really cold right now and need to go have a cup of tea.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Good Morning

I sat down to my computer to check the weather so that I can dress the kids appropriately and now I am bloging. Isn't it crazy how the computer can suck you in? Anyways, This is our morning. We are headed to the park and then to music class for all 3.

On a typical morning Addie is playing under the table. This is her FAVORITE spot. Partly because she gets some pre-meal appetizers like Cheerios from the floor and partly because she can snag her brother's toys and they are none the wiser.


A different perspective: I love Alex's cute little feet and the fact that his head is not even to the top of the chair.


Eli enjoying his breakfast in his FAVORITE way, with a side of TV.

His Cubby craft is hanging on the chair. It says "Jesus Loves Me" which is their Cubby Motto.

Alright, I am off to pack snacks and all the necessary supplies that will allow a peaceful outing, if that is possible.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Random Pictures

I am so behind on blogging I have no idea where to start so here is a random sampling of pictures.
Addie Paddy Poopers (a nickname that she is going to kill us for) has been pulling up to stand for a few weeks now, YAY! She is VERY proud. She also thoroughly enjoys bananas which is why there is still some on her face in this picture.

The boys have gotten more creative with their gun making.

Jared had a birthday yesterday. The big 3-5. I feel blessed to be able to celebrate another birthday together. I'm also glad that he caught up with my age again so I don't have to hear about how young he is. :)

We started Soccer which warrants its own post at some point. We have 1 cousin and 2 other close friends whose children play on the same team so that is fun for us. Alex cried Saturday when his game was cancelled due to rain. I, being a complete softy, took them to McD's playland and he got over it rather quickly, of course.
Useful instructions from Daddy. I am sure he was saying "Eli, you HAVE to focus." That is what we tell him on a daily basis. "Eli, FOCUS!" Whether we are trying to put on his shoes or ask him to put something away, focusing is a big "focus" right now. :)
Alex scored twice this week and Eli had one "almost" that we are very proud of.

Eli's ipod/angry birds/cut the rope addiction has grown to epic proportions. We are cutting him off as of now. He'll survive since we found Spiderman on Netflix. It's the 1967 version and the boys are obsessed. I have them down to 1 per day and they are only 20 minutes long so that is a plus.

Thumbs up has become big in our household. Not sure how or when it started but started it has.
I started posting this last week and now it is Tuesday and I am finishing it. We had flu shots yesterday and Eli at 4 years and 5 months weighed 43 lbs, Alex was 36 and Addison at 14 months weighed 18 lbs 11 ounces. My babies are growing well and growing up FAST!

Thursday, September 8, 2011



Last weekend was hot. Jared had a long weekend and I was trying to think of something to do that involved air conditioning. Bowling was the answer. The boys have never been and they had free vouchers from participating the Summer reading program at the library. They LOVED it of course.

In our family bowling involved:

blurry pictures from all the excitement....


Hugs from Alex when he was impressed with your skill ;)
more hugs
Alex in action
Eli in action
A picture of Mama and her boys to prove I was thereIMG_3357
AND the final scores. This was seriously my highest scoring game EVER!IMG_3368
The end.