Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Our First Trip to the Zoo

Wow, guess I should post this since I started it over a week ago! We had a great time at the zoo and two of my sisters and their husbands and their kids were all in tow. We all kind of laughed at how much easier a trip to the zoo used to be. Now we have to schlep our kids and all their gear. OY! We stayed approximately 2 hours which is almost equivalent to the drive time. :) So here is our day in pics!

They have the most AMAZING petting zoo!!! Can you believe this???

Eli and Alex enjoyed their freedom the most. Jared and I really tried to let them run around as much as possible.

Bella insisted on pulling all 3, 2 year olds. She is a determined little lady!

According to the scale Alex weighs as much as a male orangutan. No, I had absolutely NO idea his pants were falling off. Poor kid.

and BEST of all Allie and Alex made a truce and got along beautifully the entire day. It was truly miraculous!

BTW the top pic is just a cardboard cut out in case someone was concerned!


2 Little Irish Boys said...

Cute Sweet Peas. We love the zoo too!!

Stephanie said...

Looks like fun! I want to go :) The school is going on May 28th, so we will all go. Our kids love the zoo, but I know what you mean, it is a lot of work.

Becky said...

Steph~ You are so right it is exhausting but worth it!

Thanks Irish boys!

Liz said...

FUN!!! I plan to go this summer. I can't wait.