Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Why is the step mother mean?
What is a stepmother?
Where is her dad?
Why is her dress ripped?
Why is she running ffrom the prince?
Why is she embarrassed?
Is THAT guy mean?
Why is that guy telling her to run?
Mom does this part scare you?
Mom, hide under the table.
Mom look at the animal Moms and their babies.
Mom look at the house.

This is 1/3 (no exaggeration) of the questions that the boys just fired at me in a matter of 3 minutes watching Snow White.  I thought a video might give me a few minutes to relax with my coffee and possibly blog.  :)  Ahh, life at home with little ones.  I love it.  Mama also needs quiet though.  I know I'll get it in about 18 years or so and then I'll beg them to stay at home and make some noise. beckysiphone 627beckysiphone 626IMG_5570IMG_5577

Week one is OVER!  They have not complained at all.  I am so glad that it is going well. I thought they'd be more uncomfortable than they are.

They each chose their colors and have plans to choose red tomorrow when they are taken off and replaced.   They are pretty much getting around like they normally would.

Legos have saved the day!  They sit at the table with Jared and play for hours.  My nephew Colin gave them some and then we bought a couple more little sets.  Saturday and Sunday they pretty much played all day.  Yay.

Sunday they played outside for about an hour which was SO necessary.  They haven't been falling asleep until almost 10 because they aren't burning as much energy.  Still though it is going unbelievable well and we were even able to go to church Saturday night and hang out with Tanner and Stephanie at their house yesterday.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ordinary Days

Here is a look at the everyday-ness lately with LOTS of pictures.

Room Time.  She makes a mess but play SO well independently right now. I LOVE that.
My flowers and Valentine's Day card.  Sweetest card he's ever written me.  Thanks honey!

Self-feeding.  So messy YET so necessary.

I love these moments with the boys.  It's like one doesn't even realize the other is basically attached to them.

Addie loves trying on shoes.

Another rockstar in the house.

Candyland with Nani.  We celebrated Papa's b-day last night.

So that is a bit of what is up with us.  We got casts today.  It may not be as "run of the mill" as I originally thought.  I SWEAR the PT said that most kids just run around like they normally would BUT today she said to keep them from doing too much because too much walking will rub sores on their feet, ankles, etc.  Huh??  SO they have been playing computer games and watching TV.  Jared went to get them "beyblades" ???  A friends son had them and the boys have been asking about them ever since.  I guess today is their "lucky" day.

1 day down with casts and a LOT more to go.  I am just taking it one week at a time.  They did so well getting them on.  I was a proud Mama.  Jared is off today and helping out.  We will be staying in a lot.  They really aren't steady on them quite yet.  

Friday, February 17, 2012

New Family Member(s)!!

I am still not real sure how this came about but I got on board and we are the proud parents to Mocha and Buttercup, our guinea pigs.

I still don't have a good pic of Mocha because he is a bit nervous. Needless to say, nerves, a 19 month old and 4 year old twin boys DON'T go well together therefore I don't want to stress her further with photos.

Here is Buttercup.

The boys love them. They sing them bed time songs. Eli was holding buttercup the other day and said "Hey, I am like a Dad!" So cute. Alex is yet to hold them but does pet them and is great at changing their water daily. It is a little more work then we initially thought it would be but part of that is because we are neurotic and don't want our house to smell like we have guinea pigs which requires a LOT of cage cleaning.
(Ignore the jammies.  Sometimes on days we have nowhere to go "getting dressed" means go throw on a fleece over your pj's so you are not cold.  Are we the only ones like this?)

Since I started this post yesterday the boys have decided that Mocha is now "chippy". Poor thing is going to have a complex. She was originally named "Oreo" by her previous family but she was brown and white. I couldn't keep up the charade because alas she was NOT the color of an Oreo and so she became Mocha b/c she is more the color of my morning coffee. :)

In other news the casts are being put on on Wednesday and as of last night Eli is sporting an eye patch in order to strengthen an ever weakening eye. My sometimes less than coordinated child will be hobbling around  and only able to see out of one eye for 6 hours/day.  Not sure how THAT is going to work out.  I was kind of surprised by the amount of time.  Everyone else I talked to about patches said it was usually about 2 hours a day.

I have to kind of laugh about all this.  It is a crazy "preemie" life I continue to lead.  We haven't had much preemie drama regarding the boys for a couple of years and now it abounds complete with the breathing treatments that they haven't required in forever.  Oh well.  I am so happy to get all of this done before kindergarten.

By the way in case anyone is feeling bad for my boys Eli LOVES his patch and we talked to them about casts last night and they are both excited!  I am sure that will all change once the casts are on but at least they are not worrying about it.

Friday, February 10, 2012


life rearranged

Here are my phone pics from the past week or so.  I uploaded through blogger because I wasn't up for going through flickr.  My time is a bit limited.  

A dusting of snow.  Apparently that is all we are going to get this year.  

Trying to make the most of the boys being out of bed AGAIN.  Sweet moments.

The boys have had colds on and off for the last 6 weeks. So lots of snuggle time.

Watching a show in Mommy & Daddy's Bed.  BTW I LOVE my snowflake flannel sheets. 

Flowers from my Mom and Dad in-law after a long week. :)

Addie in a BIG GIRL booster chair.

My latest soothing station on Pandora "Chopin".  Love.

Crabby boys.  The doctor thinks the boys have asthma and they have colds and both have double ear infections.  This translated to 9 new prescriptions between the 2 of them.  4 breathing treatments/day and nose spray and antibiotic and steroid. Such is life and it is a GOOD ONE, but Alex HATES "the yucky medicine" (steroid).  Poor guy.