Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The boys and I had a "first" this week. I had to bake some Amish Friendship Bread that my sister Mindy gave me and Jared had to go in to work so I thought "hey, I should let the boys help". In the back of my mind I knew it would take double the amount of time to make the bread and 10 times the mess but I pushed on and I am SO glad I did. They had so much fun and each time I handed Eli the measuring cup full of flour or sugar he giggled enthusiastically. Alex just quickly dumped the contents into the bowl and was ready for his next task but he too LOVED doing this. I actually felt guilty that I didn't wait until Jared was home because although he is not one to want to help in the kitchen he would have loved to see the joy on his son's faces. I am now determined to involve them more often which will obviously involve slowing down and taking in the moment. This is ALWAYS a good thing when I surrender to it.

On a funny note, I would allow them to put in what I had given them and then move the bowl away from them while I loaded up the next measuring cup, however, one of the times I didn't factor in Eli's long reach. He grabbed an egg yolk from the bowl. I quickly screeched and said "Eli, you could get salmonella" and he dutifully repeated as I was scrubbing his skin off "salmonella?". He cracks me up!

I can't take the credit for realizing this is something that I needed to experience with my boys. Ever since I read this post by Tuesday's Mommy, whom I don't know and will never meet, it affected me. She and her husband give an extremely honest account of losing their sweet daughter. Despite how I often act and the fact that the boys drive me to my wits end, time is fleeting and there will never be enough days to make pancakes with your kids ;) I feel blessed that we will be together in eternity but because our days here are numbered, as are the days they will be willing to stay home and bake with mommy on a Saturday night, I suggest you hand your kids some measuring cups and go bake something!!! What's the worst that could happen?

Well, they could grab an egg yolk. :)


monica said...

That is a great post. I am glad that they had a good time baking. I know that my boys love it also. I let them stir also. So much fun. And yes time goes away from us faster then we want it too.

Liz said...

seriously we live parallel lives...yesterday I baked a cake (well from a box, not exactly the Amish Friendship Bread (which is so good!!!)) I had them add the eggs (I had cracked into a bowl already) and the oil and water. Then they loved watching the mixer mix. I noted that I should do it more often too.

Stephanie said...

I love it!! My kids love to help mommy with baking. Our favorite is chocolate chip cookies. Mommy is trying to eat better, so we have not done it in a while :) My kids also don't quite understand why they can't crack the eggs :)