Friday, April 23, 2010

Reality Check

I haven't had a good "pull my hair out" story in a while so I thought I would share my experience last night at soccer practice. Jared worked late so I was on my own. This doesn't really phase me because during the week I always go places by myself . It is always when you have that false sense of confidence that you get your butt kicked and that I did. :) Never underestimate a 3 year old much less 2 of them.

Neither of the boys napped yesterday which set us up for a bit of failure but I didn't concern myself with that. I was just thinking beautiful, sunny day, outdoors, and soccer. Bring it on. I mean yesterday when I told them that they had practice Alex pumped his fists in the air and did a little dance followed by a big hug for Mama because he was SO excited. Today I was met with "I don't want basketball" (they get a little confused about which sport they are playing). I pressed on as they resisted their shin guards, or as I keep calling them "shin splints". I managed to get them dressed and over to their field only for Eli to decide he didn't want to do anything. I didn't press him. I just worked with Alex and invited Eli to do a few things here and there. He, of course, joined in when it was time to kick the ball in the net.

Things were a bit hectic but I survived. The real drama was saved when it was time to leave. Alex was having fun standing inside the soccer net when some sweet 10 year old came over, and while his mom chatted on her cell phone, began kicking the ball with all his might at my 3 year old. I had decided this was officially our cue to leave before Alex was bloodied. Alex didn't agree and proceeded to throw the biggest fit I had seen in MONTHS! I was carrying water bottles, 2 soccer balls, my bag and trying to corral them to the car when I realized he wasn't budging unless I picked him up. There were lots of stares and lots of kicking and screaming. I finally managed to buckle him in his car seat which any parent knows is next to impossible when they are adamant about not letting you.

Once he was in I figured my problems were over. As I walked Eli around to the other side of the car Eli was saying "I'm a whale". I responded "cool, like Jonah and the Whale". As I buckled him in he began squirming and crying and pleading "no, Mama, I a whale, I a whale!" Apparently me putting him in his carseat put a cramp in him being a whale. I had to laugh that I was fighting with a child who was screaming about being a whale, for goodness sakes! I mean how do your respond to that. I just kept saying you can still be a whale in your carseat.

Jared and I are pretty sure that 3 is going to be harder than 2. I had girl's night last night with ladies from church and the 2 that have had and currently have 3 year olds agreed with me. I am still not sure if I am glad that I was right or if I am dreading the next 12 months that lay ahead. :) God knew what he was doing thought because 3 is also the MOST hysterical age so I think it kind of balances out.

I wrote this post last week and there is practice again tonight so I am REALLY hoping it goes better. Jared works late so I am on my own. I am also thinking that I may lug my double stroller to the field in case we have "issues" again. What can I say? Live, learn and go to girl's night to get tips from women who have "been there done that". Works for me!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Here is what we are dealing with. Enjoy!



Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Soccer has officially begun. We had a little trouble at the beginning when our coach backed out. We missed a couple of practices due to this and the mama bear in me was feeling a bit nervous about my son's lack of ability compared to kids who had had 2 extra practices. Yikes, it sounds even more ridiculous as I type it out. Needless to say after a round of e-mails the boys are on a different team with a coach (always a plus) and last nights practice went quite well.

Jared and I expected VERY little. We aren't the parents who put a basketball in our son's hands at birth or any other type of ball as the case may be. When the coach first lined them up to kick the ball to the other end of the field Jared and I smirked at one another like "good luck with that one, lady". MUCH to our surprise both boys accomplished this task. Then they did a passing drill that went o.k. also, other than the breaks that Eli needed to use the orange cones as a horn. Jared and I were the parents who were on the sidelines coaching the boys and trying to help them focus but overall it was a surprising success and we have some cute pictures to show for it. I don't expect that this will make them the next David Beckam but they are learning to follow instructions from an adult other than Mom and Dad and gaining some coordination to boot. Not to mention the adorable outfits. It think it is a win-win.


...a little unsure at the beginning of practice

1st practice

Eli wanted to kick it into the goal from the moment we arrived and this was his BIG moment! (Notice the smile!)


After his long, hard, practice Eli was ready to head home for dinner.

1st soccer practice

Alex's turn to score a goal!


Heading home but not until Alex shares his new camera smile with us. This is actually the adorable version. I plan to dedicate a post to the more scary ones. :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

They're 3!

I find it absolutely ridiculous that my babies are 3 years old but it is true. It happened on Sunday. In fact little Mr. Eli said "I not a baby" today for the first time. Ugh! I cannot believe it. They are getting smarter and smarter every day. Jared and I find it impossible to keep up with all the funny things they say. Sometimes what they have to say is funny and sometimes they just sound like little adults which is just as comical.

Eli told me today that Jesus needed to get his balloons for him so that he could sleep with them during nap. This was right after I told him that they could not stay in his room because it wasn't safe. I guess he figured who can override what Jesus does! Too smart, I tell ya! Along with what they are saying there is what they are doing. The boys have always been active and somewhat physical but now they get a little UFC with one another. (I had to check with Jared just now and make sure that is what the scary wrestling where they can break each others bones is called). If Jared so much as skips a day or two without roughhousing with them me and Addison better look out because they are coming for me and my tummy gets in the way. Poor baby has taken some knocks already.

At the same time they still snuggle in my arms and think that Mommy and Daddy's kisses heal all wounds. I cannot say enough about how sweet little boys are and how much they adore their Mommy. That is definitely a perk to having boys. I try and hold onto these moments because I know it won't last forever.

I snuck in and kissed them goodnight last night before I went to bed (Jared and I cannot resist doing this nightly) and they were both asleep. It reminded me that 3 years ago I couldn't even see them, much less hold them and they couldn't have forced me to kiss them. They were too tiny and fragile. I am so thankful for how far they have come and I don't know if I will ever get past a birthday without remembering those scary days at the beginning of their lives. I hope I don't, anyways.

As far as their actual birthday celebration we had a great time with family and friends. The boys were absolutely spoiled. For the past month when I asked them what they wanted for their birthdays their response was "birthday cake". When I asked what kind of presents they wanted Eli responded "a blue one". Um, O.K. They received much more than cake and we feel blessed by all the people who love our boys as much as we do (well, almost).

I am excited to see what this year brings and hope to blog a bit more so that I can keep better track of the hilarity of this age. Three is a lot of fun already although I am pretty sure it is going to have it's share of challenges. A major one being potty training. Ugh!

I'd share b-day pics but I couldn't find my camera. (Thank you pregnancy brain!) My niece took lots of pictures so I just have to get them from her. More posts to come because as I said they are quite the characters lately and lots is going on.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Latest

It's been a quiet morning here. The boys are both still sleeping. This is a definitely an upside to dark rainy mornings. Eli did crawl into bed with us this morning because he was scared of the "light" (lightning). This didn't last long because it is such a novelty that when either of the boys come into bed with Jared and I they just want to talk and hang out. They have NO plans of actually sleeping. I took him back to bed and he has slept soundly since the storm passed.

We have been enjoying the beautiful weather here. Yesterday was close to 80 degrees which is unseasonably warm for us. Today we are working our way back towards average temperatures. No complaints here as long as we don't see snow. I shouldn't even mention that because we do indeed see snow in April from time to time.

As I mentioned in a previous post a lot is changing here. Jared and I put our house up for sale last week. We are excited and looking forward to seeing what God has planned. I continue to press on during this pregnancy. My blood pressure is toying with me and the doctors. At this point they are not concerned because it is still in the normal range though. I am starting to swell but apparently this is somewhat normal in a pregnancy but I am starting it a bit early because I have to keep things interesting. I just LOVE hearing the word normal and pregnancy in the same sentence. It makes me giddy. I continue to stress a bit about this process. I give my worries to God only to take the burden back. I am learning A LOT about my self this time around and that is always an eye opening experience.

The countdown has begun for teachers and students as this school year draws to a close for Jared. This beautiful weather makes the wait a bit harder I think. It has looked and felt like summer but it is not quite here which means buckling down and finishing the year out. :)

We had a beautiful Easter and the services were equally encouraging. As a Christian Easter is my favorite holiday. I love focusing on what God has done for us. This time of year also means time with friends and family and we did our share of eating and Easter Egg hunting that is for sure.

Well that is what is going on here. As always here are pictures. Aunt Linda bought the boys these adorable Easter outfits. Eli had a bit of a pout about wearing the tie but he soon forgot and rocked the outfit anyway! :)




Thursday, April 1, 2010


I love this time of year. We have so many exciting things going on. Jared and I celebrated our 7th anniversary on the 21st of March. The boy's birthdays are on the 18th of April. Spring is officially here and Easter is on Sunday. There is just so much hope and renewal going on at this time of year! We have a busy weekend with Easter services and Jared and I have Jr/Sr Banquet for the high school.

Today the boys and I slowed down a bit and did this egg craft. Alex and I followed the plan while Eli did a more "abstract version". Regardless we had fun and they understood the concept of sorting the colors so all was not lost.



Happy Spring to all!