Wednesday, March 14, 2012


The "updates" in this post are because I wrote this yesterday and just finished it.  This is the 4th post I have started and not finished lately so I thought I would force myself to find time to finish.

{Life} It is what has been happening around here. Lots of it.

I have said this before but the more that goes on around here the less I have time to blog about it. Lots of good stuff and then of course the less that good stuff that is just a reality.
Alex: fresh out of a sponge bath.  He wanted a happy face and a sad face.

Eli is currently cast-less. He was having a LOT of pain after the last set was put on. We had to take him to the ER on Saturday and have them cut off. He is thrilled. :) They had stretched him to 10 degrees. This involved a block being worked into the front of the cast under his toes and lifting them 10 degrees. It was too much of a stretch for him and ibuprofen wasn't taking care of his discomfort. I felt horrible for him but Daddy saved the day and had them taken off at the hospital. Tomorrow we go back for another set. It may be Alex's last set. Not Eli's. He is looking at at least 3 more casts. {Update: Casts on and now they are saying 1 more Alex 2 more Eli. Braces for night and day for both. Possible continued PT}
He thought this was hysterical.....
Eli had worn through the cushion in the bottom of his cast the last time we went in. I find it hysterical that these PT's (who are great btw) who do not have children keep telling me that the boys are STILL a little TOO active. Um, their 4 year old boys. There are two of them. I am doing my best to keep them somewhat still but the weather here has been beautiful so I am also letting them play a bit. Last week I pulled into the garage, they bolted out of the car and were climbing a tree before I even got Addie out. This is what I am up against and too be honest I love that they are crazy, active, little boys. IMG_5682
His Easter Outfit, assuming his casts are off.

Another thing keeping me busy is Jared and I have been doing workout videos and the treadmill at night. Which has been great. I am finally in a workout routine again for the first time in YEARS! We are supposed to be doing 6 days/week for the challenge but we usually end up doing 7 mainly because I want to eat more calories. I am tracking on the my fitness pal app. LOVE IT! TRY IT!

Our Church also gave us a Bible Reading Challenge for the year that we are doing. I have to recommend my churches podcasts. They are AWESOME. I love my church and that is no secret.  Truth continues to be spoken in a time when watered down Christianity is popular and this truth is life changing. Truly. Jack (My brother in law) spoke this past week and did an awesome job. Here is the podcasts link. On second thought here is our homepage and the podcasts are under the "messages" tab.

Let's see what else....

I went Easter outfit shopping with Aunt Linda this past weekend and it was so fun. Addie now has a dress and is all set. The boys are set also but I have to say shopping for a girl was the highlight. Nani had her 70th birthday party! Addie is starting to talk like crazy. She has added words and carries on conversations through gesturing and talking jibberish. I will have to do a post about those words like I used to do with the boys. {Update: Despite her talking we see a speech therapist this Fri due to her hearing impairment.}  
She has been walking for over a month and I have yet to share pics here.  What kind of Mother am I?  :)
Shopping with Mama's purse in tow.

The boys have a new addicition: Lego Batman. It is part of the "keep them still" effort but it is driving Jared crazy. When he is home they want him to play and get them to different levels. When I let them play they know not to ask me for help because I always pretend not to know. I MAY actually be able to find catwoman or joker but I will NEVER try because then they will ask me every 5 seconds.

I got them Lego Batman and Star Wars shirts this past weekend and they wore them 3 days in a row. Gross, I know. I just peeled one off of Alex and promised he could put it right back on when it got out of the dryer. Jared said "that is what little boys do.". Little stinky boys I guess. :) {Update: Lego shirts washed, dried and back on.}IMG_5608

I am home ALL DAY today, yay. {Update: this was yesterday, today I have  been at PT pretty much ALL DAY}Jared grocery shopped for us yesterday which means the kids and I are just hanging out. I did some pre-school stuff with the boys this morning and gave Eli a bath. I have been trying to do some deep Spring cleaning a little bit at a time so I may attempt another bit of that. Laundry and hallway wall cleaning is on the agenda and maybe some snuggling and reading with the boys. {Update:  Snuggling, reading, didn't happen. Instead I let them play outside most of the day.  I always let them go a little crazy the day before new casts.  They had FILTHY casts today.  PT's LOVE me.}Yep, even a day of "nothing" mean there is lots to do but I am loving this life. This Spring weather makes it really hard NOT to love it.

Threw in some random pics to get through this lengthy post.  If you stuck with it.  Have a GREAT DAY.  Spring is coming!!!!!