Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas Break

Me and my family have thoroughly enjoying our Christmas break.  We recently returned from our trip to Colorado.  Before leaving we enjoyed some fun holiday stuff.  Cookie baking, gift opening, class partying type fun.  :)  It has been such a nice break.  TRULY a break.  Not a rush to do a million things to make it "memorable" by some standards but many memories were made nonetheless.  We are now back from our trip and have enjoyed playing with our Christmas toys and getting together to play with our cousins.

I have a million pictures of which I will never add to this blog but fun was had and pictures were taken.  here are a few.
The boys gift from Aunt Laurel and Uncle Steve was A TON of legos.  Some of which were Jared's when he was their age.  So cool.  They LOVE them!