Monday, August 20, 2012

The Bummer About Blogging

One of the things that bums me out about blogging is that once you get out of the habit of blogging regularly it is NEXT TO IMPOSSIBLE to get back into because you are trying to think of ways to quickly summarize the days, weeks, months that have passed.  Ugh!!!  Also it is a little known fact that time speeds up and what was a day off magically become a month.  WOW!  All that to say I won't be able to catch up BUT in much 

BIGGER NEWS.........................
No I am not pregnant....

my babies, the ones who looked like this 1/2 a second ago


and this


are starting KINDERGARTEN

The little traders are excited about it.  I should say they are "exciting" about it.  That is how they phrase it.
I may have a breakdown.  I keep repeating to myself, "you only have to keep it together for about 20 minutes"  at that point I plan to duck into my car and sob my eyes out.

In truth, I am excited for them.  It just doesn't seem possible.  Oh and by they way that "27" on the board has turned into "2".  Yep, they start Wednesday.  My niece is starting Kindergarten also and Mindy (her Mom/My Sister) and I have had no less than 3 conversations in the past couple of days in which we have gotten choked up.  Ugh, this growing up stuff hurts a little.

Thankfully, I have this crazy little girl at home to keep my mind off of it.  Two is a lot of "fun".
She discovered the joys of swinging on her belly.  She LOVES these rain boots even though they are still 2 sizes too big.
I can't resist taking pictures of her little toes sticking out from the end of a book.  She apparently couldn't resist sticking her tongue out at me.  Reading is one of her favorite things right now.
Along with sitting on the table and coloring. Yesterday, she just happened to use the walls as her canvas.  Gotta love her.  :)

Prayers are appreciated for Wednesday.  I should mention they are just doing 1/2 day and that YES I do realize that I am being irrational.  I'll feel better after a couple weeks and A LOT more free time than I have had in...hmm, let's see...5 YEARS!  This will be my small window into the world of having 1child at a time.  Oh, the errands I will run!!!