Wednesday, October 31, 2012

New Fall Tradition

For a few years now I have wanted to try waxing leaves.  This year we finally did it.  We actually did this a little late in the season because our leaves weren't as vibrant as they had been in previous weeks but I knew if I didn't just go for it the boys would be 25 before I got to it.

They absolutely LOVED collecting and dipping the leaves.
And then I strung them up and made garland.
Great activity that I think we will repeat yearly.

I just had to add this one because I think it's cute.  They are enjoying some hot chocolate while they practice sight words a.k.a. outlaw words.
Now we are gearing up for Halloween 2012!  They are psyched!!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

It's that time of year.

This weekend we had a little time to get outside and play in the leaves.  Looking back at these pictures I had to laugh at what they showed.

Alex Working.  Eli playing. :)  Alex was having just as much fun though.  I love that you can see his "lack of teeth" in this picture.
Still working.  Still playing.
Addie Working.  Eli Playing.
So handsome.  Still Playing.
Alex had so much fun hiding in the leaf funnel thing.
This was our Saturday.  We needed it.  :)

Monday, October 22, 2012

You Capture: Smile


Addie LOVES baths.  So much, so that I have to be careful when saying the word "bath" because she gets so excited and thinks she is going to have one immediately.  I'll be talking to her and say "wow girl, you need a bath", it is at this point that I better be running the water because she wants IN.  I just happened to capture some of her excitement in this photo this past week.
On a side note:  I am trying to decided what to do with her hair that is FINALLY coming in.  To trim the long stragglies or not, that is the question.  Thoughts???

Real Life Farm

This was a school field trip.  The boys both loved riding horses.
Unfortunately that is where a lot of the similarities end.  Eli soaked up the whole experience like a sponge.  Loving every minute of it.
He held and pet everything he could.
He fed goats and bottle fed their babies.
He milked cows.
You may notice Alex's worried expression (below).  He has some animal anxiety.  We are working on it. :)  After this field trip I made sure that Daddy came to the next one with us. Carrying a 50 lb child isn't easy.  It is hard to see your child have such big fear though so I would have carried him all day if necessary.  That is what Mama's do, right?
When asked their favorite part of the day.  Both boys said that is was rolling down the hill.  Ya gotta love it.
All in all a good day.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Student of the Week

Alex was student of the week a few weeks ago.  He was really excited.  He is doing really well in school.  He is still working with his occupational therapist weekly to improve his fine motor skills but he works so diligently according to his teacher.  He is a bit shy at school.  A little reserved.  BUT he LOVES it.  I surprised the boys a weeks or so again and kept them out of school on a Monday to take them to Greenfield Village and they had opposite reactions (big surprise).  Eli=Thrilled.  Alex=devastated.  He was supposed to be line leader that week.  Oops.  We talked him into going and he had a blast but it was definitely one of those parenting moments of "great, what in the world do we do now?"  You just never know what you'll get with kids.  :)
Some of his responses to the Student of the Week prompts we were given were:

Fav Animal:  Cheetah
Favorite Book:  Big Heroes (a superhero book, of course)
Fav Food: PB & Jelly
What I like most about school:  Playing with my cousins (the Elementary has recess together so he gets to play with Alli, Bella and Olivia), and playing Beyblades (he is OBSESSED).
A person I admire:  Mom and Dad (so sweet)
What I do well:  Cartwheels, walking backwards and running fast, super speed.
My Wish:  Christmas to come.

Eli anxiously waits his turn to be Student of the Week and was appeased with being picked for line leader the week following Alex's claim to fame.  :)  We love where they are able to go to school.  Love the teachers and staff.  We are unbelievably blessed and I hope that they will realize that their school is a huge blessing as they get older.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Traditions: Applesauce

We love Fall in this house.  We love Apple Orchards, warm drinks, walks with crunching leaves and making homemade applesauce. The boys have enjoyed being part of the process for a couple of years now.  On this particular day Alex wanted to be involved in all of the making.
I love that he needs a stool to reach the countertop.  I knew as I was capturing this moment that I'll miss these moments too soon.
He is so patient with his pesky little sister wanting to eat the slices that he's worked so hard to make.

Letting him help with this step was pretty far outside my comfort zone but I pushed past it and am so glad that I did because as you'll see in the picture below he was a VERY proud boy.  :)
Love this kid and the memories that I am blessed to be part of.  God overwhelms me with these moments.  So thankful!

Insta-Friday Mid-October Edition

I am linking up my phone pics today with Jeannett

life rearranged
beckysiphone 732
The extent of our halloween decor.  Although I did throw some foam pumpkins/leaves on the front window.
beckysiphone 741
Soccer ended!  This week is our last session of OT also so I am hoping our busy Fall season is winding down. Yay!
We had a fun visit with Amanda and Aunt Mimi too this week.
beckysiphone 752
The BEST trip to the Apple Or-church (as the boys still call it) EVER!
beckysiphone 755
Jared took off of work and it was such a gorgeous day.
beckysiphone 778
Lots of cousins were there and all 3 of my sisters.  Always a good time.
beckysiphone 800
Babysat for my sister this week and it was so warm on Wednesday we HAD to get outside.
We Michiganders have to soak up all the sun we can because November is approaching.

And there you have it our week in a nutshell provided to you by instagram!  :)  BTW I am roddfam5 on instagram.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Wow, October is here already.  We are having a great, yet busy Fall.  I thought when the boys started their 1/2 day kindergarten I would have LOADS of time but that is not the case.  I am just as busy but with different things, I guess.  We are doing OT (occupational therapy), HI ( hearing impaired) program for Addie, Soccer, school, and of course church. It keeps us hopping.  Jared's Dad is also in the hospital which adds another dimension but he is on the mend and we are thankful.

So here's a synopsis of sorts.  On a side note:  I am really wanting to get back into blogging at least weekly.
First Day of School (August 2012)
His backpack is literally bigger than him but Jared and I didn't see the point of the Jr. size.  We may need to re-think that. :)
At his desk.
Rare picture of all of us.  We have a Church Family fun run.  I did the small little track with the boys and Jared did that with us and then did the longer one.
This chick is crazy.  I cannot explain how much she LOVES to "dress up".  It could be a darth vader mask, heels, sunglasses, whatever the child can find to put on.  She makes us laugh.

Well I hope to post on Insta-Friday.  I have a few months worth of phone pics but I will try to narrow it down.