Friday, May 8, 2009

A Great Day

The boys playing with And-whoo (Andrew)

The boys and I had such a great morning today. We headed over to Aunt Mimi's (Kim's) house so that we could go for a walk. She is by the river which is always relaxing to walk by. We power walked, let the boys play at the park, hit the library, had lunch, visited with Andrew and Dusty (their terrier) and equally important we were able to have adult conversation (aka girl talk). It was a GORGEOUS day and now it is dark and pouring rain right when the boys need to take their naps. It is PERFECT napping weather. I would like to join them but Jillian calls. Tomorrow is officially one week with my 30 day shred and I am "liking" it. Well, as much as you can like watching 3 women in PHENOMENAL shape do plank jacks (don't even ASK what those are, Miss Jillian made them up and she scares me), jumping jacks, lunges, curls and crunches without cursing the heavens. OK I better get on it before I talk myself into my jammies and some reality T.V.

This morning the boys insisted upon walking around the house with their "bankees" around their shoulders. I swear sometimes I think that I birthed little old men.


Stephanie said...

What a beautiful day. I am getting ready to go running. Good luck with Jillian. I did level 3 Thursday. Yuck, in a good way :) Keep up the good work, exercise buddy. Soon we will look like those skinny ladies!

Liz said...

LOL about the birthing old men!
Keep up the good work with the exercising.

Crazy About My Boys said...

Good for you keeping up with Jillian! I told Dustin that I need to turn the volume down so I can't hear her when she talks, especially about how nice the girls in the videos abs are!! HA! My boys call Amy, Aunt Mimi too! How funny! Have a great weekend!

Becky said...

Thanks for all of the encouragement guys!

Stacey, I plan to start using my ipod during the workout now that I know the moves. I think it will be way less annoying.