Monday, May 18, 2009

Ahh, the mind of a toddler!

I remember being in my 20's and wondering "what in the world are men thinking???" I have since had the joy of being married to a very no-nonsense, honest, man for the past 6 years so I am no longer pondering this question. I still don't always know what men are thinking but the question that consumes me now is "what are my 2 year olds THINKING?"

We go for a lovely bike ride this weekend and the boys continually want "down", which means out, of their bike trailer. Each time we stop, due to their whining, they ask "down?, down?, DOOOOOWWWWWNNNN!" We pressed on and were actually able to enjoy an hour long ride. By the end the boys settled down and seemed to enjoy the fresh air. The weird part is that once we got into the back yard and let them "down" Jared began to put the bike trailer away and GUESS what happened......they wanted to play IN the bike trailer. Seriously??? Like I said it is a mystery, those little minds.

Today after the library we headed out to look at the ducks, which are actually geese but whatever. We walked around the pond and there were fountains in the middle. Once the boys noticed them Alex began to cry "fountain, fountain" so I walked by them 3 times thinking that would make him happy. Oh, no. I am pretty sure he wanted me to strap them both on my back and swim them out to see the fountain. He was inconsolable.

So the love/dislike part of the terrible two's continues. It is such an entertaining age but man, it has it's challenges. Speaking of challenges, I am off to "shred" with Jillian.


Following Him said...

You did not jump in with him...oh my! The story just made me grin thinking this is exactly what he wanted.
Shread baby shread with Jullian :)

Becky said...

I KNOW! What kind of mother am I??

I finished my Jillian!

Debbie said...

How vividly I remember that phase! I think it has to do with verbal abilities too. I think once they can truly tell you what they want, it gets a little better:)

Liz said...

That bike hitch is great! Contemplating that or seats for the bikes.
Sorry about the fountain experience.