Friday, May 29, 2009

Alert: Mommy to twins did not get her usual "break" during nap time.

I cannot be held responsible for this making sense. I have battled twin two year olds all day and they are the victors!

First and foremost disregard my entire last post. I am in no nap HELL! They didn't stay in their beds for nap. They didn't even stay in their rooms for that matter. I stayed near their bedroom door and kept it slightly open so that I could spy on their behavior. They took this as an exit sign and scurried out one after the other. I will admit that part of me thought their antics were pretty funny but the, I just ran around all morning part, was tired and in need of time away from my sweet children.

My next step was to stay in the room with them as suggested by Nanny 911 and put them back in bed when they got out. I cannot put into words how thrilling it is to put your children back into bed a million times in under two hours. It is annoying and exhausting and honestly I finally gave up. I know, this was not a proud moment but I left the room and figured it was baby proof "have at it, boys". I opened the door 15 minutes later to find a pop-up book ripped into approximately 50 pieces, both window shades open and two boys standing on the train table handing me the book that was, in their words, broke. I found this a bit funny because it seemed to imply that they had simply found it that way.

I was tired, frustrated and done. I plopped them on the couch and reached for the Barney DVD, popped it into the DVD player and it froze. Yep, it wouldn't come back out and it wouldn't play. At this point I wanted to quit the whole Mommy gig. I was over it. I found a PBS show they like. Thank goodness we have PBS. I called my sister and I cried. I e-mailed two other twin mommy bloggers and desperately sought their insight. I told Jared all about it when he got home. Ultimately, I feel MUCH better.

Jared geared up for the battle tonight due to my fragile state ;) He told the boys, "It is bed time and you are NOT to get out of these beds. Go to sleep." We said our "goodnights" and "I love you's" and I headed for a much deserved shower. I came out and asked Jared how it was going and he hasn't heard a peep! NOT A PEEP! I have decided that it was due to my diligence ;) during nap time. Yep, I rock!!!

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Liz said...

never good when mommy doesn't get a break but glad to hear they are napping again.