Sunday, April 5, 2009

Crazy weekend for this Mama!

Well, we had an interesting wknd. It all began with me having distorted vision on Thursday evening that went away and returned Friday morning. I called Jared at work and told him it was happening again and we decided to head to my Dr.'s office. There we discovered that my blood pressure was high but not high enough (in his opinion) to warrant vision disturbances. On a side note I have not had previous BP issues other than when I was pregnant which led to HELLP syndrome and the boys being delivered at 27 wks.

They gave me a script for the bp issues and referred me to an opthamologist which is where things got a little scary. I passed all of the vision tests with flying colors and was feeling like I would just head home, take my new prescription and call it a day. The opthamologist then had a look and found something that disturbed him. My optic nerves were swollen which can mean increased pressure on the brain from fluid. At this point he mentions that the only way to know if this is the problems is to have a lumbar puncture (AKA spinal tap). Ummm, what??? I was headed over to my friend Stephanie's house after this presumed innocent appointment.

Our weekend took a serious turn for the worst and Jared and I spent Friday into the wee hours of Saturday in the hospital. While there I had blood drawn, had a CAT scan, a spinal tap and an MRI. The good new is they didn't find anything thus far. They were looking for things like brain tumors, spinal fluid pressure, MS so I am thrilled that they didn't find anything but we were EXHAUSTED. We got into bed around 4:30 am and our sweet boys woke up like clock work at 8am.

I am now scheduled to see a neurologist and it is presumed that either the blood pressure caused the vision problems or it was migraines. These problems are actually the best case scenario and we are hopeful that they are our answer. I never thought I would wish for migraines but this put things in perspective. I also have a new found reason to continue my admiration for my dear friend Heidi who endured 3 spinal taps in one hospital stay and several MRI's which, for me, was worse than the spinal tap. I was having "Kill Bill" nightmares. It truly feels like you are in a casket. YUCK! Regardless, I don't know how those with long term illnesses go through what they do. I am in awe! I had a 24 hour taste of what they live with.

My sisters (that includes you, Kim :) ) and dear friends were a great help to us and watched the boys and helped me when I couldn't lift them following the spinal tap. The boys are so used to their Mommy being around that they were a little out of sorts Saturday and couldn't figure out why mommy couldn't pick them up but other than that they did well. Jared was an awesome support, who handled it all in such a calm way (my strong oak) and we even managed not to kill each other while functioning on little sleep the past couple of days. (We are not fun people when we are tired.) So that is my recap. There isn't much other than this drama going on. I now have 3 follow up appointments with my Dr.'s and I have to kick things up a notch in the diet and exercise dept so that I don't have to stay on the blasted bp meds. I haven't had vision issues since Friday morning which is awesome! I look forward to a wonderful week leading up to Easter and that is about it. I am off to bed. Goodnight!


Following Him said...

What a weekend! Wish I could just snap my fingers and you would feel better. Hope the doctors find out what is going on soon!

LauraC said...

How scary! Hope everything works out ok!

Stephanie said...

We are so glad that you are ok. We were praying. Please don't scare us like that again! :) I am praying that God gives you a very enjoyable week with many little blessings. We love you!!

monica said...

I hope you feel better soon!!

Liz said...

Oh my goodness..what a weekend. I'm sorry for all you had to endure. I hope you are feeling better soon.
I had to laugh at the "didn't kill each other" comment when dealing with lack of sleep. We got no sleep Saturday night due to a tag team from the kids and we are grouchy with no sleep too.

take care of yourself!!

Becky said...

Thanks everyone! I am feeling a ton better and have had no vision issues since Friday morning!