Monday, November 30, 2009

my boys
Does life get more precious than these moments?

Sunday, November 29, 2009

An Update


We had a great long weekend that is coming to an end. Jared officially goes back to work tomorrow which means grading papers tonight. I thought I would hop on the computer and blog about our Thanksgiving and our weekend.

We spent Thanksgiving with my sister Molly and Jack, his parents and his sister's family. We had a great time and the food was AMAZING! Nobody makes apple or chocolate pie like Jack's Mama! Molly and Jack hosted their first holiday and rocked it.

Friday we took the boys to get their hair cut at the same place where Jared had his first hair cut. The boys were slightly traumatized because Grandma Dolores usually cuts it at home and it doesn't usually involve a cape but they warmed up after some time. :) We also worked on the house which is always enjoyable. Other than that all was pretty mellow unless you count the fact that Jared has to have surgery in a couple of weeks.

Did I forget to mention that? Monday morning he had to go to the ER b/c he was in a LOT of pain. He has a hernia in his abdomen that has to be repaired. This time last year it was ankle surgery. November seems to dislike us a bit. :) Anyways we are prepping our lives for that. Thankfully Jared's sister is going to keep the boys so that I can go with him. That's what is up here.


I fear he will be talking about this in therapy some day :)

the glare

I absolutely LOVE his glare in this picture.

dave's barber shop

Eli's hair was cut by the same barber who cut Jared's hair as a child.


random cute picture of Eli

grading papers with daddy

Grading papers with Daddy

Thursday, November 26, 2009

If your happy and you know it shout AMEN!

I'm kind of stumped as to what to write about today. Not because I don't have things to be thankful for it is more likely because I don't know where to begin. My mind drifts all over the place because there are so many things in my life for which to thank God. I just wrote a long post and deleted it because it is not so much each and every specific thing that I am thankful for but I am thankful for the grace God has poured out on my life on a regular basis. I wouldn't have always chose what he chose for me. I am, however, grateful that he had the wisdom to choose what was best for me when I didn't get in the way. When I did get in His way and forced my will He worked with me still and hasn't given up on me yet.

I am thankful for the way he gave me such immense love for Jared and Jared for me. I am thankful that he put Alex and Eli in our lives and the love we have for each of them. So.......If your happy and you know it shout amen! AMEN!!!!!!! (You'll understand when you click on the video below).

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Preemie Awareness Month

There diapers were the size of an ipod and yet they swam in them. Their binkies covered their entire face and it was a huge success if they even used them. They were at times too delicate to touch and we didn't feel their tiny bodies pressed to ours for days after their birth. They couldn't breathe without assistance. They couldn't eat without tubes. They didn't cry because they were too weak and focussed all of their energy on getting better.

Jared and I feared the loss of two children days before they were even born. We continued to fear this for months after that. I didn't unwrap two of anything from my shower (that I missed) until Jared forced me to. I honestly envisioned returning all of Eli's things. I rarely admit this but it is true. There were weeks where we went in and there wasn't good news about Eli. 2 collapsed lungs, a PDA that wasn't fixed on the first two tries, off the vent, back on the vent, on the CPAP, back to the vent. It was like we weren't getting anywhere. Alex's climb towards health was slow but it kept heading in the right direction.

I in NO WAY want to make it seem like we didn't have hope because PRAISE GOD we did. He was our anchor and gave us encouragement that only a heavenly Father can but there were times that it was bleak. It was hard. It was not something I would wish upon ANYONE.

So since it is preemie awareness month I wanted to point you towards "The March of Dimes" website. You can educate yourself, donate, whatever you are capable of but I'd like to ask you to take time to pray for the babies in our country. Some parent right now is going through what we did. Some child is struggling for air. Some babies aren't even getting the chance to be born in this country. That is what I'd like to remind you of this morning, those who are weak and need someone to fight for them.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Chore Charts and Potty Training

So last week while reading through some of the "Works for Me Wednesday" tips I came across this blog (A Very Blessed Mommy) who linked her readers to this fabulous chore chart for toddlers. I love it AND it allows you to fill in the blanks right on the site, print and voila. Your charts are ready to go. I slipped them into a plastic sleeves attached magnets to the back and then the problem became: How should I mark off the chores that the boys complete? I thought with dry-erase marker but that quickly became "lets color on the frig. time" and it wiped off way too easily. I have been coming up with alternatives so that the charts remain re-usable. I decided I was going to make little stars out of brightly colored foam and attach magnets to them. THEN while shopping at Wal-Mart I found these magnets which TOTALLY match for around $2. I bought one pack in case I was wrong about it matching and brought them home. Needless to say I will be getting one more pack because it looks as if these magnets were specifically made for these charts. So that is what works for me.

chore chart

Now, onto MUCH bigger things. I was planning on waiting until the dead of winter to do potty training b/c we would be stuck inside and I was completely fine with the boys not being trained until 3 or 3 1/2, 6 whatever. I dont' struggle with the whole "keeping up with the joneses mentality" when it comes to developmental milestones. I think I can attribute this to having preemies and having worked with Developmental Specialists who are quick to tell you that the "normal" range is VAST. Anyways, as is typical for Eli he decided that he would like to start now and began presenting to me ALL the signs of readiness. Therefore, in the interest of not losing that enthusiasm I am going to begin potty training. I have all the neccessary supplies (I think) below and would love to hear some of your tips. :) Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you and for those of you who aren't to the potty training stage yet and are interested I will lay out "the plan" in a future post.

the supplies

What's missing?? I still plan to make a potty, sticker chart.

Here are a few of my other WFMW posts if you are up for it.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It's been a while...

(an entire week) since Mom posted pics so here is what life is looking like right now. Prepare yourself for picture overload....

We've been "helping" Mama cook


coloring with Daddy

like father like son

making Thanksgiving crafts

little indian boy

going to story time

storytime with alli

enjoying the lego exhibit at the museum (yes, that is made out of legos)

lego man

oh yeah, and I (alex) was crowned king. It's as it should be.


Mom's been talking to us A LOT about big boy underwear and not needing diapers anymore..

monkey's do it

not sure what this is all about. Hmmm?

teddy bears do it

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A few of my favorite things....

I know the twos are, well, terrible and all but I have to say there is definitely more to it than that AND I find myself thoroughly enjoying this age quite a bit. It's a good mix of sweet and salty (one of my favorite combinations).

We had a good day today and one of the things I am enjoying about them right now is their budding imaginations. They also play independently for much longer periods of time and they say the cutest things. So this post is dedicated to all that is good about being two since this age gets a bad rap.


I actually began taking pictures because seeing them like this took me back a couple of years to THIS picture. My babies! Sniff, Sniff!

choo choo train

They played with these laundry baskets trains and stuffed animals their passengers for OVER an hour. In toddler time that is like 2 days.

mr chubs

They watched a squirrel finish off the pumpkin for a good 20 minutes. Did you notice how chubby our friend the squirrel has gotten. I will take some credit. Thank you very much. :)

fall crafts

They actually do crafts now as opposed to me doing them. I still help A LOT but it is more enjoyable. (Speaking of crafts my favorite preschool blog "No Time For Flashcards" has a holiday gift guide up that has some great book and toy reccomendations on it. I suggested one of the gifts on the "Reader's Favorite's" link. Go check it out. )

And then of course, there are all the funny things that they are saying. I'll be honest it is impossible to keep track of them anymore but here are a few.

1) When we give them apples they say "open it Mama/Daddy". They want us to take a bite and get the apple started.

2) When they are ready to go or want you to follow them into another room they grab you with both their little hands and assist you in standing while saying "step up, step up".

3) Recently when at story time I forgot a diaper. I have NEVER been without back up either in the car or SOMEWHERE. Needless to say I had to be creative when I changed Alex's messy diaper. He could be heard screaming from a bathroom stall "isssssss disssssgussteeeeen, no, isssss dissssgussteen". Not a proud moment.

On a funny note when I got home and told the story to Nanni she said "You should have asked another Mom at story time for a diaper. I am sure they would have had one." She was SO right. Why in the world did that not occur to me. Ugh, sometimes I scare myself.

4) While on a walk recently I pointed out that the stop sign was the shape of an octagon. Now they love to look at street signs and tell their shapes. It just amazes me that all of this sticks in their brains because they are quick to point out every octagon stop sign that we see. I love that their brains are like sponges right now and am trying to teach them lots through play and outings.

I will have to keep this post as a reference point when I have days of longing for kindergarten.

If you are feeling joyful today and would like to share that with others head over to:

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009

We ended up going to my sister's Halloween Party and had a great time. Alex wasn't freaked out although he refused to get dressed up. Thankfully my friend Steph brought extra costumes in case the boys changed their minds because Eli decided to dress up.

So here is our Halloween in a nutshell:

Eli wore this~


Alex wore this and wasn't scared of the mask behing him, shocking!


Kayla girl looked like this~


I brought these (seen here)~


and this is the gang~

the crew

There were a few funny moments that I want to remember. First of all Alex refusing an entire bin of costumes was pretty comical. It went like this: "This one?" (hold up costume) to which Alex responds "No, I NOT!" Repeat this over and over and you get the picture. He was emphatic in his response and VERY consistent.

Eli had a few moments. First of all I was trying to follow him up to a house and wait for Alex to get out of the wagon at the same time and Eli got ahead. I heard the lady giving out candy say "oh no, honey, you CAN'T come in". Yeah, he tried to squeeze past her as she was giving out candy. Another man was eating his dinner and had a slice of pizza in one hand and a bag of candy in another. Eli went for the pizza! Pretty Funny! And last but not least he tried to trade his candy that he already had in his hand with the next person giving out candy. Hey, at least he was sharing, kind of.