Thursday, May 28, 2009

Random Nonsense

Keep in mind that I warned you about this post in the title and you chose to keep reading.

O.K. so I am somewhat new to this whole Stay at Home Mom (formerly known as "housewife") thing and I must admit some things allude me. I am sure there are more "pressing" issues that should concern me but for today here it is:

I am incapable of picking a good melon! Cantaloupe, to be specific! I am 5 melon picks into this season and I have failed miserably each time. They are either over ripe or not ripe at all. I finally broke down before buying the last one on Tuesday and asked the produce lady if she thought I had picked a good one and she said she thought so. I carefully mushed at it with my fingers and it gave slightly but did not seem TOO mushy and it smelled, well it smelled like a cantaloupe, actually, but I thought that too was a good sign. I thumped it like the lady told me to although still didn't completely understand what it was supposed to "thump" like. I proudly brought it home and declared to Jared that I thought I'd done it, I had actually picked the right melon.

Fast forward to today while prepping lunch for the boys. I cut into it excitedly (well, if you can get "excited" about fruit prep) and found a mushy, mediocre tasting melon. Eli actually liked it and asked for seconds but it wasn't up to par and I threw the rest out. Maybe waiting two days was a huge mistake. Who knows? Ugh, the only good melon that I have had this year was at my friends house or when my sister in law buys it because they obviously know how to pick a melon. Where was I when others were being taught this?

That's it. That is the end of my deep thoughts. Told you it was pretty random. This is in honor of my friend Mariah who always writes this funny type of random post. Yes, her random thoughts are a bit more intersting than canteloupe!

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Liz said...

Is this what happens when your kids turn two?!?!LOL I've got one day left!
So funny. IDK the secret either but I usually just pick one. The market I go to always has the best produce.