Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day with a Little Mushiness

Alex and Eli,

Thank you for making me a Mommy. It is a great privilege and one that I do not take lightly. I hope that I will always make you proud in the decisions that I make. I pray that I will lead you to your heavenly Father with my words and actions. I was born to be a wife and Mommy and I know that is not very "PC" of me but it is true. It is what I have always wanted and it is what I am good at. I couldn't have done it without you, literally! :)

All my love,

Mommy, Mama, or as you have been calling me lately, Honey


Speaking of, "couldn't have done it without you", that applies to you also! Thanks for making me a Mommy. I am the woman and mother I am because I am your wife. Thanks for loving and encouraging me so that I can be a good mom to our sweet boys.
You have all my love and respect!

I also want to thank all the Moms in my life who are either like mothers to me, my children, or have taken the time to live out your own version of motherhood in front of me. I learn from you constantly and cannot thank you enough.
Happy Mother's Day!


Stephanie said...

Happpy Mother's Day to you! You are a wonderful mother and Eli and Alex are blessed to have you. Thank you for your encouragement to me. You are a true and cherished friend. Enjoy your day! Love ya!

monica said...

Very sweet! I hope you had a great day of laughter and love! Happy Mother's Day.

Becky said...

Awww thanks Steph!

Thanks Monica!

Liz said...

Happy belated Mother's Day!