Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Cabin

We have been home for almost a week and I cannot count the number of times that the boys have asked to go back to the cabin.  This year was a huge success.  Last year Jared and I considered driving back home on day 2.  This year we agreed we could have stayed another week.  We had perfect weather and our kids had a blast.

The first morning the boys were up at 5:45 a.m. and ready to hit the beach.  We compromised and some time after 7:30 headed down for a walk. This of course turned into pajama swimming.
Addie was not a fan of the sand.  She is our water baby so I never anticipated the lake being a problem but she wanted little to do with it this year.  This is Daddy trying to convince her sand is fun.
This is her deciding a good beach chair and a cold drink is much better.  I guess she's got a point.
These stairs are the reason I didn't put on 5 lbs during our trip.  This house had a deck with 3 levels that led down to our beach.  We also went on bike rides (separately, in the a.m. while the other stayed with the kids) and one morning I even canoed (is that a word?) across the lake.
This picture is just because I think this guy is unbelievably handsome.  :) IMG_7095
One of my favorite things about getting away as a family is that Jared is there with us all day.  He gets to laugh with me at our crazy kids and our crazy life.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Back from "up earth"

Also known to most Michiganders as "up NORTH".  We had beautiful weather, a beautiful cabin and we did some serious shopping.  So fun.  Now that we are home Addie is getting 3 teeth simultaneously AND I am pretty sure she has an ear infection which means BACK TO REALITY!  :)  I need to go rock her AGAIN so..... I will leave you with just one picture.  I hope it makes you laugh. :)

Luke, I am your Father!

Alex insisted on wearing it to Amanda's graduation party and he kept dozing off  on the way there.  We kept hearing a big klunk, and it was his mask hitting the window.  So cute and hysterical.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Wow it has been almost a month.

No apologies here but life has been busy.  We lost power for a couple of days and are attempting to prepare to get out of town soon.  Yay!  We are so ready.  

We had SUCH a good 4th of July with friends from church.  It included a 22 foot water slide and a bouncy house.  The kids were thrilled.  Jared and I enjoyed a little basketball and volleyball which was fun despite the record topping heat.  All in all, a lot of fun.  The weekend before we enjoyed our city fireworks from the comforts of my sisters backyard.

It was the first year the boys had ever stayed up for fireworks.  It was the. best. experience. to watch their faces as they watched fireworks for the first time.  Addie loved them too and was such a trooper considering she was up about 4 hours past her bedtime.

I am pretty sure that for the rest of my life when I see fireworks I will think of my time in the hospital on bedrest.  I could see Greenfield Village's fireworks from my hospital window and they had them 4 nights in a row.  I just remember feeling a little lonely watching them all by myself in a hospital room although nurses would pop their head in from time to time but I also remember that it was a special little bit of the holiday that I was so grateful to enjoy.  On second thought maybe watching the boys will replace the hospital memory, who knows.

This time of year ALSO brings Addie Adds' birthday.  Wednesday, the 11th.  We already had her party last weekend.  Our AC malfunctioned and we had to move the party to Aunt Mimi's but that was an EXCELLENT trade off because they have a pool that we were able to cool off in.  Her party turned out really nice.  The cake I made was a complete disaster but I learned some tricks I'll try for next time.  It tasted good and that is all that matters.  :)  I'll have to add pics of the party but I didn't take any of the night of the fireworks or of our 4th of July party that we went to. I have just been busy soaking up every bit of Summer and continue to keep myself busy with various appointments and therapies that my 3 preemies (former-preemies??) require.