Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ordinary Days

I love this Bed Head
I love that she already gets lost in a book.
I love this boy on his last day of Cubbies. {Alex had a fever and I stayed home with him.  I need to get a picture of the two of them for the sake of comparing it to last years last day of Cubbies pic.  Eli is also wearing Alex's vest because I put all the patches on that I had been neglecting and realized a bit too late that I put them on for the child who wasn't even going.  Thankfully Eli didn't notice that not only did his vest say Alex on the tag but that it was a bit small. :) }

I love all my guys working together.  Planting Flowers.  {We had some fun poo discussions due to the fact that there was some manure in this dirt. Eli was thrilled.}
Addie LOVE going outside she yells "SIDE, SIDE" all-the-time.  One of her favorite things to do is toddle beside us and get her fingers wet in the hose water.
Soccer!  Only one more game left of the season.  They both LOVE being goalie.  They have both made some good saves.  I think our saves and misses are probably about 50/50.  :)  This past week Alex got nailed with a ball directly in the chest.  I waited for the tears that never came and then he had two addition saves!  He even asked to be put in at goalie AGAIN.
IMG_6190 IMG_6194
Addie is as much of a whirlwind as ever.  She got into Daddy's bag in the 2 minutes that I ran to the basement to see the boys fort.
So that is what is going on here.  We had a nice and HOT Memorial day weekend.  This weekend we have games, church and my 36th birthday is on Saturday.  Yikes!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

She's funny

Addie love to accessorize.

She loves her......

hair bows  (Yes, there is finally enough hair to clip them into.)

her sunglasses
her knit hat and flip flop combo/pants optional of course (Note to self: clean front of stove.  Yikes!)

however, sometimes she gets a bit confused as to what constitutes an accessory

IMG_6099She's a keeper.  She is also at that stage when she NEVER stops moving.  I forgot about this with the boys, as I have every other thing that would be useful to remember.  :)  So she basically goes around the house making messes immediately after while I clean them.  Yet I can't get enough of her.  The curse that is parenting I guess.

*Sorry about all the weird spacing. I am not liking the new blogger.  Ugh!  So frustrating.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Instafriday {Spring Edition}

life rearrangedI'll call it the Spring Edition, not because there is anything particularly "springy" about it but because it has been a LONG time since I have participated so I am catching up.

Soooo here are my phone pics dating back to March.  Don't worry not ALL of them (just 18 or so).

beckysiphone 709
Really blurry pic but Alex had just asked me why his new toothbrush was squishy on one side and I said that part is to brush your cheek with. He left the room.  He and Eli walked back in brushing the outsides of their cheeks.  So funny, this pair.
beckysiphone 708
Addie's windy day mohawk.
beckysiphone 707
At Barnes and Noble Alex had to be a resourceful for a reading chair.  I should also mention that I bought rice krispy treats at Target for 69 cents instead of buying the ones that are in the case at that fancy coffee shop.  It was a little like sneaking snacks into the movies. :)
beckysiphone 706
While the boys mainly go there to check out the new books and snuggle up to read.  I am glad that my Addie girl still loves the train table.
beckysiphone 705beckysiphone 701
Mt. Laundry.  This was all clean and needed to be put away.  For some reason this is the most annoying part for me.
beckysiphone 698
Fruit of the loom moment.
beckysiphone 692
Visiting Daddy at a side job.  Woods + My Kids = Happiness
beckysiphone 690beckysiphone 689

beckysiphone 679Party Decor for the boys birthday.  We could have not bought gifts and just let them play with the balloons hanging from the ceiling that cost me $2.  :)

Jared and I at Jr/Sr Banquet.  He has now lost 75 lbs.  32 lbs for me.  Crazy.  (I'll have to write a post on it one of these days.)

beckysiphone 657
Casts coming off.  (A month ago)
beckysiphone 660
Post-cast removal foot soak.  I scrubbed their feet after each cast came off.  Trust me it was VERY necessary.  Week long casts + two active boys = REALLY stinky feet.

beckysiphone 669
Sweet, Sweet, sleeping boy.

beckysiphone 684
"Two babies playing Peek-A-Boo, Two noses tickle, Two Achoooo!"  One of Addie's favorite books is a book that the boys got about twins when they were babies.  Here she is with Daddy doing the peek-a-boo part.  She is also wearing her tutu.
beckysiphone 685
Now THAT is attractive.  A daddy reading to his girl.  :)

That's "all" for phone pics this week.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ordinary days


Finally...WARMTH!  Today is supposed to get up to 87 degrees. Yay!  As I mentioned in my last post it has been a bit chilly.  We had a warm March and a cool April.  Gotta love Michigan.  Anyways, Spring has returned and the kids and I enjoyed a day in the backyard.

Addie LOVED the water that was freezing cold coming out of the hose.  I thought or sure she would hate it.  She has always loved the water but I thought maybe she'd hit that age of not wanting it in her eyes or splashing her.  This was not the case and it was SO nice to just be able to hang out with my kids.  We didn't have any appointments or anything today.  Love those days!

I almost neglected to mention that by the time I got sunblock on Addie the boys had already stripped off their clothes and I looked out the window to find them sitting bare buns on the cement chatting.  I thought that they'd be a little less "uninhibited" this year.  I was wrong.  While I got their suits together Alex proceeded to hop on the swing that way.  Call me crazy but doesn't that seem a little bit uncomfortable.  Yikes.