Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Seen and Heard

Overheard this afternoon:

Alex to Eli- "Oh yeah, that was OFF THE HOOZLE!"

Um, what?

They picked it up from "Despicable Me". Hysterical, these two.

Here they are watching it in Uncle Kevin's car on our way to Ann Arbor a couple of weekends ago.

They were in little boy heaven. Somehow they aren't as excited about Mommy's ride anymore.


Alex did his own hair, hence the soaking wet bangs because playing in the water is the best part of doing your hair.

We used to go to Ann Arbor without 6 kids in tow.


This is us now.


We went to the Hands On Museum.

This was Eli the ENTIRE TIME.


He was a blur! SO MUCH to do.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Back to Blogging

Just needing to get my feet wet in the blogging/computer world again. I have been absent for a bit due to.... well, LIFE. Mom to 3, wife to 1 can be busy enough, right? So in honor of just throwing something on to the ole' blog that I LOVE, I really DO, here are some pictures. My awesome sister Mindy got a new camera because her husband has to upgrade electronics like the rest of us upgrade well I can't think of a comparison but he likes his gadgets and due to this I have her old camera while we save money for my future camera.


Alex- is getting sassy (God give me strength) and I think 4 is going to be the year of questions. OH MY WORD. We watched a movie together and he asks the kind of questions you can't answer. I can't think of an example but trust me there are no answers to these questions and they come at rapid fire speed.

Eli- is more manageable currently but every time I say that they decide to pull a 180 so tomorrow he'll probably wake up and be a different kid. He is really big on showing us love lately. He seems as if he might burst if he doesn't tell you he loves you. It is adorable and he has captured many a heart. Jared's brother Steve is here visiting and Eli told him something along the lines of "you're great to hug".

We took him to get glasses tonight. He has REALLY bad vision in his right eye. He was on oxygen for 6 months which can cause vision problems. The eye doctor said if you covered his good eye he wouldn't be able to see accross the street. Insert: preemie mom guilt. It is ridiculous but it rears it's head periodically. Glasses pictures to come after they come in.

Addison- did really well at her developmental assessment and they already discharged her. Yay! I have pics of that too. She is eating solids and loving it. She is tipping the scales at 13lbs. 8oz.

Jared & Becky- Celebrated their 8th Anniversary on March 21st. We had a slightly odd waitress that asked what our "secret" is (consequently this made me feel kind of old) and we were both sort of speechless. Actually Jared said "leave the kids at home". But, after she left we discussed it and I said (as cheesy as it may sound) "marry your best friend". No matter how crazy things are or even how mad I may get at Jared from time to time he's the one I want to talk to and laugh with. We were best friends almost from the time we began "hanging out" and our friendship has only grown. I know his love and friendship is invaluable.

Wow, long post. This is what happens when I stay away from the blog for too long. And I still haven't posted pics. OK here goes.


In this lighting you can see the peach fuzz on top of her head. It's coming!!!!


Eli giving Addie some love. (LOVE this picture.)


Addie getting a little TOO much love.


Me and the boys on a random afternoon. It is possible that that little glimpse of snowflake you see in the corner are my pajama pants. Just keepin' it real, just keepin' it real. I am not a "dress to your shoes" kind of mommy and some days call for pajama pants past noon. :) They just do.