Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rainy Days!

Today we had a great rain storm. It was the kind where the sky goes nice and dark and all of a sudden the heavens open up and pour. It was a LOT of rain. The boys quickly ran to the window to see it. It was a sweet moment and I enjoyed hearing the rain fall. Unfortunately, today is the day that my sister, Missy, was in charge of field day for the entire elementary at the school. She definitely had to revamp her plan but all went well from what I hear.

I watched Missy's daughter, Miss Olivia, and I planned a craft knowing the forecast was calling for rain. As usual, I stole creativity from another blog called, No Time for Flashcards, and we did this craft. On a side note I also found another great blog for kid's crafts called, Just For Fun . She has five kids and manages to craft. Women like this amaze me much like my friend Stephanie who has five and works out DAILY among other things. Anyways we plan to do this craft once our corresponding book is available at the library.

I thought it may be helpful to hear how an "everyday kind of mom" completed this craft because I am convinced that the mom's that I just mentioned are super human! ;) As I've said before I am FAR from crafty. I even have a folder in my "favorites" that is labeled "Craft Stuff That I May Never Do". You see I love other's creativity I just am not one to come up with ideas alone.

OK enough about that here are the pics.

I used crayons instead of markers to color the "A". In the original post, she took this as an opportunity to teach "inside, outside" by coloring both inside and outside the lines. The boys are not there yet so I mentioned it but I just let them color.

The big hit with the boys was the glue. I used stick glue and she used Elmers. I don't think it made much of a difference.

Other than that I followed the directions and this is our finished project.

We had a great rainy day!

What kind of activities do you do on a rainy day???


Stephanie said...

How cute! I will have to try that with my kids. I don't have time for crafts, but the summer is coming so my kids will need entertainment. Thanks for your good ideas!

monica said...

Becky that is a wonderful rainy day craft. The kids did so well at it also. I always look at that websites and think maybe I can do a art project with them tomorrow, but it never happens. I feel since they do a art project every day at school the 3 days that they are with me they probably don't want to do a art project. Awesome job!

Becky said...

Monica, I agree! If the boys were already doing crafts at school I'd skip it but they are still home with me every day right now. I do this weekly at best. Usually less but I need to make it more consistent.

Thanks Steph!

Following Him said...

Rainy days...those were the days. I know that I do lots of playdough, water colors (more water than colors), and blocks. Now as an adult...I LOVE the rain, but not with a houseful of kiddos...hope the day went well!

Mommyof3 said...

Try this site:

TONS of ideas. I like crayola window markers on rainy days


Becky said...

Thanks for the ideas. I think Jared would have a heart attack if the kids colored on the windows but maybe I will suggest it.