Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I had a MFM appointment and ultrasound today and all went quite well. First of all my friend Stacey was able to push me around in a wheelchair without doing damage to me or herself so that was a major succes. :) Miss Addison was moving around a lot which they like to see. She measured well and her heart was beating as it should be. The doppler showed that she is getting enough nourishment which is a good thing and she is currently over one pound. My blood pressure was good and my protein levels remain the same which is encouraging.

Since I last posted I am officially 24 weeks which is a small milestone because Addison could now receive steroid shots which would give her an advantage. 24 weeks is still too early though so I continue to pray for 10 more weeks or to be more specific 9 weeks and 5 days :) When I am praying I always mention that if God wants to give us more than that it would be a greatly appreciated "bonus".

Jared is still pressing on despite the pressures of our current life. I am probably most emotional over the things that I am unable to do with the boys but at the same time am SO thankful for all of my friends who come over and take them outside and let them run and play in their little pool all day long. The boys are having an absolute blast. They are adjusting to all of this so well. It really is amazing how resilient they can be at this age. Thanks for the continued prayers and encouragement.

Friday, May 21, 2010

My progress

I had a blood pressure check today at the MFM (maternal fetal medicine) office and they let me leave and come back home so that was EXCELLENT. Talk about raising your blood pressure; the office is at the hospital and each time I go there for an appointment I am painfully aware that they may tell me that I have to stay based upon my labs or whatever else concerns them. I am so happy that I am laying in my own bed and watching HGTV and not on a hospital bed.

Addison is moving around a TON lately. She and I are having some good talks since she is my constant companion. I was calling Jared yesterday and while I was waiting for him to answer I started talking to Addison and he picked up. I didn't even realize what I was doing and he asked me who was over. So funny! I am glad that I can talk to her and I look forward to meeting her at THIRTY FOUR WEEKS!

Thanks for all of the support and prayers. They are greatly appreciated. I will keep you posted.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Bed Rest Continues

I am happy to say that the bed rest continues not because I am liking it but because it means Addison is still inside me growing and maturing. I have had 2 doctor appointments this week and both of the doctors said the same thing. They don't think it will be long until I deliver due to the fact that this all started so early in my pregnancy but they also admitted that they could be wrong. Pre-eclampsia is nothing if not unpredictable and I can either let that drive me crazy or I could just hope that the unpredictability works in my favor and both doctors are not predicting correctly. The perinatologist also told me to be prepared to go back to the hospital at any time. The thing that encourages me throughout all of this is that God already knows what is going to happen and He is going to get us through this. I don't know. Doctors don't know but we are in His hands.

So far I have been able to take things a day at a time. I pray that God will give me the strength to continue that. I am not getting caught up in the "what if's". I will not lie, my emotions get the best of me from time to time. I want to tuck the boys in at night. I want to swing them on the swings and take them on walks. I want to take some of the burden of all this off of Jared. I wanted a normal delivery of a full term baby but that is not what I am having and that is o.k. I have to look back at all that we have been brought through and know that we will make it through this also.

We have an amazing support system. I have friends and family watching the boys all day, cooking us meals, grocery shopping and taking me to doctor's appointments, among other things. We are definitely being taken care of. Please keep us in your prayers. Despite the odds I am specifically praying for 34 weeks which is 10 1/2 more. It is a long shot but I like to aim high. If you'd like to join me in praying for that many weeks I'd love to hear about it. Leave a comment. It will encourage me a bit. Thanks!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

I'm Home!

I am happy to say that the team of doctors at the hospital decided that I could come home. I am not as happy to say that I am on complete strict bed rest although they are letting me get up to use the restroom. Thank goodness! I have NO idea how this is going to work but Jared and I have a lot of planning to do. He is going to be a very busy man but I know he is up to the challenge!

For now I am happy to be home where I can here the voices of my sweet little boys and be near Jared. I already read to Eli and snuggled with them both while they watched cartoons. Nani and Papa are here right now so that Jared can run to the pharmacy and get other errands done. This is going to be an adventure but one that I will gladly embark on so that I can have a healthy baby girl.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Addison News

Well things in our home have taken a definite turn. To make a long story short I am in the hospital with mild pre-eclampsia. I came in yesterday and they are keeping me tonight. I am 23 weeks on Sunday so it is way too early. I may be in the hospital from here on out OR if I go home I will be on bed rest. Either alternative is desirable as opposed to delivering early. I can't even get the steroid shots for the baby's lungs until 24 weeks. I miss my boys although when they do visit things get a little crazy. After they left last night my bed controls didn't work and the brake was off so that every time I sat down the bed moved. Alex also almost pulled out my IV which was a nice touch.

As far as how we are coping we are obviously concerned. We have no idea how we will get by on bed rest, me in the hospital or the other alternatives. We are left with completely relying on God for our "daily manna". I know that is a great place to be but it is far from easy. I have to trust God right now and not worry about how to trust him tomorrow or the next day depending on where this journey takes us. We appreciate your prayers and know we are in His hands.

I remember once I started blogging I wished that I had been blogging during my hospital stay and pregnancy. Now I have my chance so I hope to post a bit more. I definitely have time. On a funny note my roommate watches TV 24 hours a day. In complete honesty it was about 20 hours. I believe it was off from 3-7am. She likes to watch all the "Judge" shows. Believe it or not on day time TV there are a 1/2 dozen of these shows AND she watches "TYRA". Lord, help me! I think the worst part is that she isn't always watching it. It is on while she sleeps, talks on the phone, etc. Last night they gave me Ambien and earplugs so I got a bit of sleep. Tonight I have the same plan. Thankfully she is a really nice lady we just happen to have very different habits. I am ready to go back to my regular roomie at home. I miss him.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Really Random Post

Warning: See title before reading on.

Alright you have been officially warned. I have about 1/2 a dozen posts in my head in interest of perserving memories which is the real reason for my blog, however the time it takes to write them is another challenge. That is one thing about starting a blog that no one warns you about. You are going through the day to day and as things happen you start writing your blog post in your head. I actually enjoy that but a small percentage of that "creativity" makes it onto my blog.

In Alex and Eli Soccer News:
*The boys soccer season is in full swing and it is safe to say they HATE it.
*Eli cries as we get ready which makes me feel like a stellar parent.
*He gives us dirty looks from the field.eli's antics
*We have seen them have moments of independence from one another......IMG_1627
Only to find one another again like magnets. :)magnets
*He and Alex literally play do-si-do at one end of the field (typically farthest away from the actual soccer ball).
*We laugh at their antics and pray for the seasons end.
*Alex is the typical leader with his brother although I am not sure where he is leading him because neither of their feet have touched a ball during a game. leadership
*My nephew Colin used to score 8 or so goals per game. Jared did quite well in soccer. Apparently this does NOT "run in the family".
*They DO enjoy snack at the end of the game.
In Jared and Becky News:
*Our house hasn't sold and yet we have to keep it clean enough "in case" someone actually wants to buys it.
*This is great fun with twin boys and with girl clothes entering the house at a rapid pace!
*We are escaping for a night away. Our first one since our sweet boys came into our lives.
*I haven't let myself think about leaving them overnight yet. Gulp!
*As usual in the midst of chaos, lots of good things are happening also.
*I had a great Mother's day.
*Jared is still putting up with me and the pregnancy hormones. :)
*He has less than 3 wks left of school. Thank you LORD!
In Addison Lily News:
*She is not making the pregnancy easy for her parents. (A total Diva!)
*She is going to have her own post regarding all of the medical woes although as not to sound dramatic "so far so good".
*She is going to have a much better wardrobe than her Mother thanks to all of my sisters and friends.
*We are already in LOVE with this girl (even her brothers have come around)!
*We are 22 weeks along! Woo hoo! Each week is a milestone.
Here's to a day of randomness!