Friday, May 22, 2009

How 'bout a little....

flashback Friday. I am all for revisiting baby pictures!

I'll be honest sometimes my heart literally aches to hold these tiny babies again

and kiss these chubby little feet all over

AND THEN I see pictures like the ones below and I snap back to reality.

NOW, we get out to go out to places other than the Dr.'s office AND they can walk which means bringing less gear AND they are hysterically funny AND they are healthy little boys AND we get to have days like today playing at the park

Who am I kiddding? I still ache for those sweet babies BUT I wouldn't trade my wild little guys for anything in the world! Yes, even though after playing at the park all morning they are STILL awake TWO hours into their nap time.


Liz said...

love it! I am with you on the longing to hold them as babies again but I am enjoying this stage.

m&nmom04 said...

I just love these kinds of pictures. How precious these memories are!!! I miss those days in SO many ways, but like you am easily snapped back into the reality of how HARD that time was. Still, arent they just so kissable?!?!?!