Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Victory is MINE!

Yes, my friends I am victorious! The boys received 2 wooden train sets for their birthday and Jared built tracks for them over the weekend and they LOVED it. They woke up Monday morning saying "choo choo train". I got out all of the tracks and began to build and they had lots of fun. OK that is what I planned anyways. The truth is what I admitted to Jared last night.....I cannot build a train track! I wasn't trying to build anything monumental. In fact, on the 2nd day that I attempted it I would have been satisfied with a circle. I couldn't do it! Jared said "maybe it is a guy thing." I am pretty sure this is what awakened my desire to try harder :)

This morning with all the determination my pre-caffeine brain could muster I DID IT!!! I even took pictures to prove it. Yep, those oval shaped tracks are my pride and joy! Seriously, I know this is embarrassingly sad but whatever we all have our strengths or in this case extreme weaknesses. My friend Amy has raised a Thomas the Tank Engine lovin' boy and she assures me that I will get good at this. Her and Grant used to spend hours building and her husband would come home to elaborately laid tracks. Oh yes, someday I will achieve this. :) Amy has given me new found hope.

Feeling the joy of my victory I thought I would also conquer a run (aka slow jog) pushing the boys in my jogging stroller. Wow, I kept waiting for people driving by to stop and ask if I was alright. I didn't plan for the fact that I was pushing 50 pounds of baby along with the stroller AND it was uphill and the wind was blowing against me BOTH ways (I know this isn't possible but it felt like it and it's my blog, so there.). The boys kept looking back at me and laughing. I am not sure if it was the huffing and the puffing or the groans but they found it entertaining.
I have to say I HATE running. I don't "hit my stride" EVER! I am content to go back to using my jogging stroller for what I intended it to be for, WALKING! I may actually try it again but truth be told I will not enjoy it! So that is my day in a nutshell. Now the boys are in bed and I am off to look at pictures. The UPS man delivered my first installment of uploaded pictures! I am so excited!


monica said...

Oh my boys love trains also!! I think it a great thing to keep them occupied. You did a good thing with the tracks. I have started them on the FP Geo Trax's they are very cool. They even have a airplane track that goes with the other trains!

Anyways, I would jog either...too much work...just walk and enjoy yourself!

Liz said...

LOL! Glad you were able get those tracks together. I hear you with the huffing and puffing. I need to get back in shape after being inside all winter. Thanks for the trike info. Debating them as birthday gifts.