Saturday, April 11, 2009

Such a busy week!

The boys have been partying like rock stars this week. We went with Aunt Linda on Wednesday to shop for Easter outfits. The boys had a blast. It was the first time I ever attempted taking them in dressing rooms to assess the fit of their clothes. Alex loved the 3 sided mirror (I guess that is what you call it?) and just stood there and made faces in it. Eli enjoyed the mirror when he wasn't trying to squeeze past Aunt Linda who was blocking him from exiting the store. We were victorious in our search and for the first time it was necessary for me to purchase two different sizes for my boys. Alex 18 months; Eli 24 months. I have been asked a couple of times lately how far apart they are and it takes a minute for me to understand that people don't realize that they are twins anymore. Alex is eating like he has a hollow leg but Eli still wins in the weight dept. Last time we checked he weighed over 28 lbs. and Alex was 22 lbs.

Thursday, Mommy planned to work out and the classes are held at Daddy's school so he took the boys and let them play in his class room. At this point open spaces that allow them to run are like Disney World for these boys. We also got to sneek a peak at all the girls in their Junior/Senior (the private school version of prom) dresses because they all met at the school for a photo op that had been set up. The boys got to see their babysitters in big, fun, poofy dresses which I am sure would have thrilled them more if they were little girls. I told them we were going to see princesses. Eli loved it and wore his sunglasses in the pictures, looking like a stud, and Alex was a little frightened by the bright, protruding, tool surrounding him therefore he refused pictures unless Mommy was holding him. This was "great" since I was in my workout clothes with my hair in a ponytail next to girls who had just had their hair and make up done and were in gorgeous dresses. Ah well, Motherhood can be a humbling experience ;) All kidding aside, it was really cool for me because I grew up babysitting these girls and I remember them coming to see me in my dress before Jr./Sr. and now it was my turn to bring my kids over to look at them. It reminded me how awesome it is to be part of my church/school family.

Friday, we attended our Good Friday service and it was a blessing. I cannot say much more about it than that. In an attempt to not use flowery words and diminish the effect it had I will simply say it was exactly what I needed to help me focus on Christ's sacrifice for me. I am truly humbled by His love for us, His children.

Tonight we head to our friends house and Sunday we have church and then dinner with my sisters! I am looking forward to it!
I tried some clothes on the boys at home in order to avoid the dressing room but as I mentioned we had to do it anyways.
Alex tried on the shirt first and I told him how handsome he looked. He DID NOT want to take it off so the pouty face was his response to handing the shirt over to his brother.


Stephanie said...

What a fun weekend. We enjoyed visiting with you guys. I love the look on Alex's face. These boys are the best!!

Lani said...

Your boys are little cuties...
it will be bittersweet when people stop saying 'Triplets?' when they see us:)