Wednesday, April 22, 2009


The boys have begun to give each other kisses on a consistent basis. It is adorable and melts my heart. We have to remind Eli to be gentle as you can probably see as he looks like he is going in for the kill. Unfortunately, there is not a gentle bone in Eli's body at this point. He tries and he has a sweet demeanor but it doesn't match up with his ability to be gentle with his brother. He steps on him on a regular basis and pulls him "gently" (by the collar of his shirt) out of the way when he is being bothered by his brother's presence. Alex tends to shrug it off and is rarely hurt by his brother's antics.

Something else they are doing at two!


Stephanie said...

Nothing is sweeter than the kiss of a child. I still melt when I get kisses from my babies.

monica said...

That picture is so cute! Great shot! Kisses are so sweet!

Anonymous said...

What cuties! Love the kisses