Friday, April 3, 2009

"The Rules"

Yes, he was plucking grapes from the vine and eating them! :) Apparently cutting them up is SO 2008! Rules, shhmules!

I tend to be a follower of rules. I am pretty sure that is why God gave me Jared. He tends to lean in the opposite direction which balances my fear of "coloring outside of the lines". But we agree on following a lot of parenting rules. You know the mommy/daddy rules that we hear from the pediatrician or read in textbooks and magazines: quarter hot dogs to avoid choking, along with grapes, don't feed them peanut butter until their 18, (seriously, they keep backing it up and I fear my poor children may never experience a peanut butter fluff sandwich which is a true tragedy in itself), no cold medications, wash hands frequently, and on and on AND ON the list goes. That is why when I finished changing Eli's diaper and turned around I had to laugh at my son Alex. This is what he was doing:

Flashback Friday Pictures (almost 6 months old)


monica said...

Oh I brake a lot of those rules once the boys turned 2! The grapes off the vine are much better than cut up!! Very cute!

Stephanie said...

That is priceless!! No matter how hard we try, they are kids. We survived our childhood with "whole" grapes :)

Lani said...

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