Friday, April 17, 2009

Nice playset

but where are the children?????

behind the shed playing with rocks and a stick! Typical!

It has been beautiful today and the boys are loving it. I think while playing outside tonight they were having a "who can get the most disgustingly dirty" contest. Alex won because he is our little "Pig-pen". Tomorrow they are officially two! I cannot believe my little babies are TWO!


Liz said...

BOYS! I noticed the other day how filthy their clothes were after coming inside. I think I'm going to need more clothes for these kids. I sense a lot of changes coming throughout the day.

Following Him said...

Boys and their least they love being outside :) Happy 2nd Birthday Alex and Eli :)

Mariah said...

It brings tears to my eyes when I think about going to see them for the first time right after they were born. I felt like I needed to use the wipers on the way home, but it was just me crying and praying with Clay outloud to protect these two babies. And now look at them...they are so happy and growing up so fast. I have to quit writing now...I love you Bec. And Jared too:)

monica said...

That is so true. My boys will play a little bit on the swing set but mainly they play in the dirt and with bugs!