Friday, April 24, 2009

At TWO....

you already seem to have a strong bond and, as I have mentioned before, Alex has taken on the big (little) brother role. Despite the fact that he is just shy of 24 lbs. and Eli is 28 1/2 lbs. his determination to take care of his (big) little bro is not swayed.

He has been know to bring Eli his milk and pat his back when he cries. He also brings him various things (books, alligator, etc) when Eli is having his diaper changed. Eli is not a fan of slowing down and letting us change him thereby making the task less than enjoyable for Mommy and Daddy.

July 2008 (Alex on the left)

Alex calls Eli~ eye-eye and Eli calls Alex~ eye-eye. Eli completely understands that his name is Eli and Li-Li and that his brother's name is Alex yet he still calls him eye-eye. What a pair, these two.

As always you laugh at each other harder than you laugh at anyone else although sneezes have become absolutely hysterical to both of you. Eli's sneeze impression sounds like I-I-I-choo! Alex's is similar and they are both pretty cute. Daddy is the BEST at the fake sneezes. I think because his are the loudest!

You are starting to enjoy things other than Barney although your palate is limited. They now enjoy Madagascar also. Eli laughs out loud at the penguins slapping each other and the zebra when he makes "toot" noises using his arm pit. Can anyone tell I live in a house full of boys??? Yikes!

I continue to think of things you are up to at two. I will keep your future selfs, who I hope will read this someday, posted! ;) Love you guys!

Alex and Eli their first day home together (July 2007). This is one of the last times Alex was winning the weight game! He is the one on the left with the cheeks :)

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Stephanie said...

I love the car seat picture! How sweet. It makes me tear up. Love you, boys!!