Wednesday, April 22, 2009

More about you being 2

Alex and Eli's 2 Year Old Dictionary
peas~ not the vegetable but this is your version of the word "please"
We encourage you to say this instead of whining for example:

You: cookie, cookie, cookie, cookie! (in your whiniest voice)
Me or Daddy: Stop whining. Now, what do you say?

I gone getchooo~"I am going to get you!" You say this when you want to be chased.
Luh-lou~ I love you!

I pope~ contrary to what it may seem Alex is not claiming to be the head of the catholic church. This means that he has a present in his diaper for Daddy or Me.

beeps~ grapes. Alex says it this way and it means that he wants grapes. Grapes are their new favorite fruit that they are obsessed with. Recently, while in the grocery store I had a hysterical children screaming for "beeps". (Confession: I actually gave in and gave them some, dirt and all, before paying. Yep, I live life on the edge!)

OK, OK, OK, OK~ Eli repeats this over and over and over to you with his hand out. He is basically rushing you. He wants whatever it is you have and you are not handing it over fast enough.

chaka monkey~ chocolate milky (this is one of my favorites).

Wee-ah-you?~ Where are you?

Bawneee~ Our favorite purple dinosaur.

TB~ not the disease but T.V. meaning TURN IT ON!

Recently, although this has only happened once Eli said to himself, apparently, while in the car with Daddy and Alex. "Eli, you are so funny!" Confidence is not an issue with this one!
You are saying a lot of other words some more clear than others but these are the ones that stand out at the moment. Well, these along with Wassat? and Whossat? which I mentioned previously.
HELP: If anyone know why the spacing gets screwed up when I post I would appreciate some info. It is driving me CRAZY and I go back and fix it only to find when I publish that it is jacked up again. Thanks!


Liz said...

Oh so cute! I'm still waiting for language to really bloom with my two. I think it's adorable the way they learn to speak.
Ryan says Die for Bye and no matter how many times we enunciate the B in bye he says Die. I always explain to people that no he doesn't want you to die, he's saying bye.

no help with the spacing issue--sorry.

I'm enjoying these posts.

Becky said...

Thanks Liz! The die thing is hysterical!

Stephanie said...

Sounds like I need to come to you when I can't quite understand Tanner. :) He talks so fast, where does he get that??