Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring is in the air...

well, not exactly! It was a rough day for Michiganders yesterday. State lost to North Carolina (See, Mariah I know what's up! O.k. I asked Mindy;) ) and we got hit with some Spring snow.

The boys and I made the most of it and actually had a great day with minimal amounts of meltdowns. We finally made the stegosaurus that I planned to make a month or so ago and it was a hit. It was messy but they LOVED sponge painting. Eli did manage to snap himself with the clothespin and didn't recover quickly from that ordeal but overall I would say it was a good craft. We read a dinosaur book to go with it and I had two happy boys. Then daddy came home and took us all out to dinner which made for one happy Mommy.

Today was story time and I had to laugh because the librarian themed it all towards April showers and Spring, meanwhile it is snowing outside. I personally, think all this snow is in honor of my sister Missy's anniversary. 9 years ago on Wednesday it snowed on their wedding day. I remember thinking it was kind of magical....the white dress, the snow flakes. Today is the 2nd day of snow, however and I am not feeling as nostalgic. I am ready for some warmer weather. :)


Liz said...

aw I love the dinosaurs! I really want to be brave and paint with my two but I know they will just eat it. sorry about the snow--that would throw me over the edge right about now. :)

Following Him said...

It is kind of funny how snow and spring showers go together :) The dinos are soo cool; never thought to make them that way! I believe everyone is ready for that warmer weather now. Have a great day!