Saturday, April 11, 2009

Um, Mommy's grounded...

and is no longer allowed to play with scissors! My sweet son, Alex was minding his own business and eating his waffles this morning when he saw his Mommy get a crazed look in her eye. Suddenly she was tearing through the junk drawer and looking for the scissors.

In my defense I was trying to put off having their hair cut because I do like the boys hair a little on the long side but suddenly it was in Alex's eyes. I didn't want to bother Grandma Dolores (she cuts their hair) at the last minute and on a holiday weekend so I thought "How hard could it be? I have seen her cut it. She twists a piece and sort of cuts at an angle. Right?" WRONG! The funny part is the long side of his bangs that bothered me stayed long and the side that was a fine length got much shorter.

Thankfully, Grandma didn't mind being bothered so we hauled the boys over there and they got to play with the doggies a bit. They loved it and Mommy is happy to have her mistake fixed. I am still not sure what made me think I was capable of cutting hair. I have to say that this is a typical "Becky" moment and Jared just laughed. I think after six years with me he is prepared for just about anything. :)

The pictures do not do it justice but here are a couple of pictures of my hack job:

I love how in the above picture. It looks like he is a bit concerned about his mother being a lunatic. Actually, now that I take a second look when he lifts his eyebrows it really doesn't look that bad. Hmmm I wonder if he could have held that look for Easter pictures and no one would have been the wiser :)


Following Him said...

OM goodness...what a haircut :)

Liz said...

that's a great mommy moment! glad it was fixable! :)