Monday, March 30, 2009

A Very Merry Un-Birthday to You!

In the words of Alice in Wonderland the boys had their UN-Birthday on Saturday. It was A LOT of fun! We had a small get together with Jared's side of the family because Jared's parents, aka Nani and Papa, are going to Colorado for a month to stay with Steve and his family. I figured since the boys don't understand when their actual birthday is yet it would be safe to have it a couple of weeks early. Needless to say they were spoiled rotten. They got tricycles, train sets, books, Barney stuffed animals (that sing "I love You" and wake you up first thing on a Sunday morning, not that I am complaining about being woke up by our dear purple friend, no, not me) and on and on goes the list of their toys. They had an absolute blast which began after their nap when they woke up to balloons in the front room with a birthday banner. I truly know they would have been happy with just the balloons and everyone would have saved a lot of money but it was a joy to watch them just enjoy the love that their family showed to them. They brought smiles to every ones lips and enjoyed doing it. Eli was determined to be the entertainer in the middle of the room sporting his sunglasses and clapping his hands while Alex melted hearts with his hugs and kisses for Barney.

Jared and I continue to feel a bit emotional around their birthday. OK mainly me but he feels nostalgic and deeply blessed to have our boys. I just sat and watched their wonder at all that was going on around them and drank it in. It was truly intoxicating and I will not soon forget the fun that was had. I actually spoke with our "NICU friends" this week who lost one of their twins while the boys were there. It was a nice conversation and we spoke of our children's upcoming 2nd birthday and what a blessing it was that they were here and doing well developmentally but of course she and her husband feel their loss of their sweet girl very deeply along with the joy they feel for their living child. It is odd to say how blessed we are when I know that the same God blesses them but still chose to take one of their babies home. It is not something I understand but as Alex and Eli approach another year on this earth I am thankful for their lives, their health and their presence in our lives. At the same time I think that their sweet little girl is at home with her heavenly Father and that brings some understanding. She will never again know fear, hurt, pain. She will not know the ugliness of this world that can so often disappoint. I just know that my God is good and that what he does is best for us even when we don't get it and in that I take comfort.

So Happy Un-birthday boys, Mommy and Daddy love you and you have brought us more joy than we can take in at times. As you would say "luh-loo".


Stephanie said...

How sweet!! They are growing up so fast. It blesses me to watch you with them. They are a huge blessing to you and Jared, but remember, you both are a huge blessing to them. May God continue to bless your family! We love you guys :)

Rachael said...

happy un-birthday! i love their shirts.

monica said...

They are diffently growing up fast. Happy Un Birthday to them. I can't believe that they will be 2 soon!

Liz said...

Happy Un-Birthday boys! :)
Cute shirts! Eli is too cute with the glasses. Hey, can they actually pedal the trike?

Patricia said...

Happy Un-Birthday Alex & Eli!

Becky said...

Thanks for all of the happy un-birthdays.

Thanks for the encouragment Steph!

Liz~ They do not peddle the trikes and unfortunately their feet don't reach the floor well but I am hoping that by summer they will be ready!