Monday, April 20, 2009

It's official

they turned 2 on Saturday! We started their b-day by waking them singing "Happy B-day to You" and by the time we sang it again at nap they were singing along. We then got them ready, fed them, etc. and went to a new park that we LOVE. We headed home for a LONG nap and the boys woke up to some balloons and new plastic reptiles. As my sister Missy said "boys are so easy". They were thrilled with their balloons that is for sure and they love hissing like snakes too.

As you may recall we had their b-day bash a couple of weeks ago and gave them their presents then. Since the party Daddy made the boys a train table for their new trains and that was also one of their presents. I must say I am so impressed with my husbands skills. He continually amazes me. Me, Daddy and the boys then headed off to Ikea for some "necessities" and then they had their B-day dinner at the pizzeria that our friends own. They loved their day that is for sure and Mommy and Daddy loved sharing it with them.

Here is the table. The top is in two pieces and is removable to store all their trains and cars.

They are doing a million new things and I plan to post more about that in the future but here are pics from their official b-day.


LauraC said...

Happy birthday Alex! Happy birthday Eli! Congrats to the parents on making it two years with twins!

monica said...

Happy 2nd birthday! Sounds like a great FUN day had by all. The train table looks wonderful!

Liz said...

Happy Birthday Alex & Eli! Great train table and it looks like you had a wonderful 2nd birthday!!
Becky-- did you have as much nostalgia this year as opposed to last year?

Becky said...

Thanks for the Happy Birthdays! Liz~ I answered on your blog but yes, the nostalgia comes sweeping back yet again!

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday boys!! The big 2. Watch out world, here they come!! We love you all. Have a fun day!