Monday, April 27, 2009

A Day with Miss Olivia

If you knew my niece Olivia, or Livi as I like to call her, you would call her Miss too. She may be small but she is scrappy and manages to taunt her older siblings and her parents from time to time. She is adorably tiny but again she is a force to be reckoned with. She asked me to do an "ungagog" (under dog) while pushing her on the swings several times and I swear she almost talked me into it. She is THAT good!

She made the boys laugh a lot and they had a blast. They also realize that they are capable of new things when she is around. I guess it is like when children have older siblings and watch and learn from them. She is only 9 months or so older than the boys but 9 months at this age is like a lifetime.

Eli's response to Olivia hanging onto the bar and swinging (Sorry Missy, I did make her stop!)

Me TOO!!!!

We sidewalk chalked!

And read books while waiting for our broccoli and mac n' cheese.


Stephanie said...

It is fun and scary when they start realizing all the things that they can do. I love their adventurous spirit. Beautiful pictures. Finally, some sun to enjoy!!

monica said...

She looks very spunky and your boys will love her to death as they grow up. What a great bond they will have. My boys and my niece and like best friends - they love playing together!