Thursday, March 5, 2009

Momma's Got Her Groove Back

that is whatever groove I had anyways. The boys are on their medications and breathing treatments that will hopefully heal them soon and I am feeling good. I spent the morning actually playing with the boys instead of just trying to survive until nap time. I love that feeling after being sick or dealing with really sick kids when you see a flicker of light at the other end of the feel like you can conquer the world or at least the laundry pile. We had fun and laughed hard. They are so entertaining at this age.

I bought a few art supplies and I plan to start doing some artsy things with them other than coloring although they do love that. On a side note: I thought we were past the eating of the crayons however the blue teeth that Eli was rockin' this morning prove otherwise. I started pretty wimpy today and let them paint with water. I thought it would be a good lesson in how to use the paint brush (they were brushing their hair with it at first) before I take the plunge and actually let them...gulp...paint! I am not neurotic (well, maybe) but the thought of my boys and paint is a little scary. Tomorrow I am hoping to attempt this craft that I discovered over at No Time for Flashcards. This is a great blog for moms of toddlers. I have starred almost all of her posts in my Google Reader.

I am off to bake. I have a girls night out tonight AND I think Jared and I may get out of the house sans kids tomorrow night to watch our girls basketball team BEAT Inter-city! GO WILDCATS!! We have had a rivalry with this school since I was attending and it would be so nice to WIN. We are due but we shall see if it delivers!

I meant to add that I was very excited to get a good amount of craft supplies at Wal-mart for around $10. For those skeptical Wal-mart shoppers "Don't hate, congratulate."

My findings included 4 large paint brushes, 50 googly eyes, 50 clothes pins, feathers, 3 glue sticks and a 10 pack of crayola paints. The paints were $4.97 for 10 and I saw them in a pack of 6 at another store for $5.99. Score!!! Can you tell that I am excited about this stage with the boys? The inner teacher in me has anxiously been waiting for this!


Liz said...

glad u are feeling better and good for you for braving some painting. That craft is cute! I might be inspired although we still eat the crayons ALL the time and I get frustrated.

Patricia said...

Yeah for feeling better...I hope to be in your place in a couple of days. I didnt' know that you were a teacher? I am too!

Heather said...

Sounds like you have lots of fun things planned. My daughter
(2 & 1/2) is over the crayon eating stage, but her new thing is Play-d'oh. Glad everyone is feeling better!

Heather from 3 under 3

The Wilsons said...

All those art supplies look like lots of fun!!! I hope you start to feel better!

Stephanie said...

Brave mommy! The kids love painting, mommy hates the mess. Oh well, it is fun to get messy. I am glad you are feeling better. Looking forward to seeing you tonight at the game. We are going to be kid-less!! Let's go girls!!!

Becky said...

Thanks for all of the well wishes and I am glad to know that I am not the only one with crayon eaters. :) I haven't braved play-doh yet. I guess that will be my next craft purchase or better yet maybe the boys will get it for their b-day.