Friday, July 2, 2010

Still pregnant over here!

I continue to keep this little stinker inside. She is a feisty thing and still passing her tests. She just needs to fatten up a bit. Who would have ever guessed that Jared and I would have trouble making big babies?? No ONE! We head towards the long weekend so unless something goes crazy this weekend I should make it passed the 30 week mark which is great. This is such a roller coaster and I am only just now feeling a bit renewed after Wednesday's "we may deliver" fiasco.

I wanted to share some of the pictures from the boys' visits. Jared is so wonderful to come and see me so often. It makes for REALLY LONG DAYS for him and yet he doesn't complain. I take a lot of pictures and video while they are here and then at night before I go to bed I watch them. It is so ironic because when they were in the NICU I did the same thing. I would video them and then go home and watch them before bed. The difference obviously being that they were the ones in the hospital and I was at home. It brought comfort then and it does now.

Their favorite thing to do is go to the fountain and throw pennies in. They also love their wheel chair rides. They are spoiled rotten by the nurses who adore them and the boys have gotten used to getting a sucker each time they leave the floor. The nurses also think my husband is the best thing since sliced bread. Luckily for me they are all about 20 years older than him so I think I am pretty safe. :) I am swallowing my pride and even posting the picture of me with the boys. It is definitely not the greatest picture but it is the reality of hospital living. ;)

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KJ said...

I'm so excited for you Becky! 30 weeks is HUGE! Keep pressing on...34 weeks is right around the corner...