Wednesday, July 14, 2010

3 days old

Addison is 3 days old and doing well. She is having typical preemie setbacks but is still not on oxygen. She is down to 1 lb. 13 oz. from 2 lbs. 2 oz but this is not of huge concern. All babies lose weight after birth and losing some of the fluid from birth is desired. Last night I knew she had lost more because she looked more wrinkly which earned her the temporary nickname of Grandma Wrinkles.

I held her for quite a while last night and it felt so nice. I wouldn't even give her up to Jared when he asked. I eventually relented but sharing a newborn is not something we have had to do in the past. :) He would like to stand guard over her like the good Daddy that he is 24 hours a day so it is a challenge for him to balance time with the boys and being here. He is doing a great job though and as I may be going home today I too will have to try and maintain that balance of home life and NICU life, Addie and the boys.

I checked on her this morning and she had an O.K. night. She is jaundice now and is under the lights rockin' her shades. Her blood gases weren't great last night so she is on a bit more IV fluid and she didn't digest about 1/2 her food so her feeds have been decreased from 6 cc's to 3. So when asked how she is doing I would say well but all of these little components are par for the preemie course and not to be taken lightly.

Prayer requests right now are that she has more stool, which, would help rid her body of the jaundice, gains weight and does well with her feeds. Thanks for continuing to pray with us and our family. We feel so blessed to have her here.

The boys were able to see her last night through a window in the NICU. Jared wheeled us up there and the boys sat in my lap waiting for the big moment. He had the Nurse get Addison out and the boys smiled and waved to their little sister. They were so excited. It was a really precious moment. The boys were sitting in my lap holding each others hands and Alex said to Eli "that is where we lived, Eli". They get to visit her on weekends for 15 minutes so that will be an emotional ride for us. We plan to video and take a ridiculous amount of pictures I am sure.


John Deere Mom said...

Congratulations! She is so very tiny. Lots of prayers going your way. I hope she continues to gain strength, weight, and have poops! Thanks for updating...I love reading!

briana said...

How cute! I can totally hear alex saying that! i'm praying for poop today!! love you guys!

Andrea said...

Hi there, I found your found your blog a few weeks ago and became a follower. I have been praying for you ever since. I too developed preclamsia with my twins. I had them at 28 weeks. They are 2 and 1/2 now. Just like your twins they are doing great. Your baby girl and boys are precious. I hope your NICU stay is short and without set backs. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless, Andrea

Liz said...

Prayers to Addison! Sounds like she is really holding her own though. The no oxygen is a great thing! I teared up reading about how the boys first saw her. AWWW!!! Strength to get through it all!!

doloresdenton said...

How wonderful the boys got to see their sister. Pretty soon they will be asking when can our baby Addison com Home? And you were worried they didn't want to share Mom and Dad! They are going to be great brothers! But that's because they have such wonderful parents. It has really amazed us that your children are such a joy to be around. Their are many prayers for Addison an your family. I am so happy you will be going home to your guys!! Get lots of rest, the boys will love to snuggle with mom again!
Love, Dolores

Shelly said...

I have been praying for you and your family. She is beautiful and a blessing:) Take care of yourself and stay strong and positive:)