Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Good Day

Let me just tell you this little girl of ours is a scrapper. She had a 10x10 on her NST this morning. They like to see some variables during this test and 10x10 means that her heart rate accelerated 10 beats higher for 10 seconds. Yay! She doesn't do this often but hopefully she will start making it a regular thing. She also passed her BPP like a champ and breathed way longer than the 30 seconds that the test requires in order to pass. She is determined to keep me in the hospital and her inside. So that was a great start to my day.

The other bright side was that Jared and the boys came and visited for 2 hours. This is not the norm because twin 3 year old boys aren't always calm enough for a hospital setting. Today was perfect and we took a nice wheel chair ride to a courtyard with some pretty flowers and fresh, 90 degree air. There is not a cloud in the sky but there is a beautiful breeze in the air to offset the heat. The boys happily licked blue Popsicles (from the nurses of course) and had great dark blue mouths. They looked quite patriotic for this lovely July 4th. Jared impressed the boys with his wheelchair tricks that make me crazy. All I can see every time he does a wheelie is him falling backwards and bashing his head open. I am not sure when I became "such a mom" but it has happened. :)

Jared also brought me a few projects that I am looking forward to working on. I plan to label all of our home dvd's of the boys and finish their baby books. Yes, they are 3! I figure if I don't work on this before Addison is born I will NEVER finish them. Speaking of which I should probably start working on one for her too. I guess procrastinating for 3 years wasn't the best idea!

Happy 4th of July to everyone! Here is a link to July 4th 2009 and 2008. As is mention in those posts yesterday was Eli's 3rd anniversary of independence from the NICU and Alex' was on June 13th. We visited the NICU on our tour today and it is so weird that we will be beyond those doors again but we remind ourselves of all that God brought Alex and Eli through in order for them to be the crazy 3 year olds that they are and we are hopeful and thankful.

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