Monday, July 12, 2010

Addie Update

Addie is doing very well. She is still breathing room air, no tubes, and has remained stable throughout the night and morning. I was able to hold her for about an hour earlier this morning. That fact alone gives us a glimpse of how well she is doing. It was several days before we were able to hold the boys and that was only for a few minutes at a time. The doctors have put the orders in to begin her feeds, only a few cc, because of her size and growth restrictions while still in the womb.
Becky is doing ok, but still feeling rather sick. She will come of the meds today around 1:00, hopefully bringing and end to the nauseau and headaches. She will then be able to go see Addie around 2:00.

It is amazing and humbling to see how God has orchestrated things. From Beckys time in the Hospital, the many friends and family who have jumped in to take care of us and the boys, and now Addies stay in the NICU - Please continue to pray for our family.
Isn't she adorable!!!
Thank You!!!



Crazy About My Boys said...

So THRILLED that Addison is doing so well! Praying that in a few short hours Becky will be feeling a LOT better too! Praising God for your new, precious blessing! So excited for your family and praying for you all!


KJ said...

That is awesome that Addison is doing so well! Truly a gift from God. May He continue to heal and help you all along!

Sari said...

Congratulations to you and your family!! She's just precious!!

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! she is just beautiful. we are constantly lifting her up in our prayers. we are confident in our Lord that he has great things for this little peanut. i wish i was there to see her, hopefully some day in the near future. we are praying for you too becky. i admire you in so many ways, but the biggest is your faith in God and what an amazing mommy you are. i love you!!!

Kari said...

She's so beautiful!