Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday's Update

Today's doppler and BPP were both fine and my tests regarding the pre-eclampsia are still mild as they were 8 weeks ago. The biggest issue we have now is growth. She definitely has IUGR (intrauterine growth restriction). She remains 960 grams which is just over 2 lbs. and the average baby at this gestational age weighs about 3 and a 1/2 lbs. This is a big concern yet she continues to have amniotic fluid and still has great tone and movement.

My Dr. last week indicated that if she was below the 10th percentile they would consider delivery and she is currently at the 5th percentile yet the doctor that is on does not feel that we need to deliver at this point because she is not showing signs of distress. Jared and I are feeling confused and a bit discouraged because we feel like we are waiting for things to get "bad" and as a parent that is scary.

The plan is for me to be NPO (this just means I won't eat) after midnight tonight and then I will have my BPP in the morning. If she does poorly they will deliver. Sunday we have the same plan and then the doctors will re-assess things on Monday. I don't expect her to do poorly because she continues to get 8/8 and she would have to get 2/8 or worse. He predicts I will deliver next week. We have heard this before and just continue to question her safety in the womb if she is not being properly nourished which is due to the SUA. As I write this I know that they are doctors and they are the ones that God chose for us but at the same time I will be honest and say it is difficult and right now my confidence is wavering. We are also not just blindly following. We raise our questions and concerns regularly and the doctors are able to answer our concerns as we try to reach the common goal of a healthy baby.

Please keep us and our doctors in your prayers.

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Liz said...

oh boy that is tough. I remember thinking with K, she had IUGR, that if I delivered her she would do better outside the womb. It made me sad to think that my body couldn't do it the way it was supposed to be. On the other hand your body is supposed to be the better place for the baby so you think waiting it out is better. For me it turned out having her was best and it all worked out thankfully. You are already further along than I was and it sounds as though Addison would do well outside. Remember girls are stronger in the NICU!! I am hoping all works out! This constant stress must be horrible.