Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bottle Feeding


Addison is doing really well with her feeding which, for this little one is what it is ALL about. The boys had more issues than we could keep track of but she is there to pretty much feed and grow. Yesterday they started doing 3 bottle feeds (the rest are gavage feedings, which is why she has the tape "moustache" it helps hold the tube in place) and today they are going for 4. She will need to do all 8 feedings from a bottle before coming home. I can't believe how fast this is all moving. She is, however, still only about 2lbs. 5 oz. so we have some more time because the Dr. that I spoke with today said they like them to be closer to 4 lbs before discharge. She is taking 20 cc's and still has not had a distended tummy again which is wonderful.

This picture is of the first time Jared fed her. I am so proud of him. He's such a great Daddy. AND without going into great detail he has been a wonderful husband. I had some incision issues (from the C-section) and the Doctor showed Jared how to take care of the wound. Yikes, poor guy! Oh the joys and realities of married life.


briana said...

20 cc's?? that's awesome. some regular newborns don't even eat that much at first!! Go Addison!! I can't wait to see you!!

Andrea said...

Sweet picture! The tiny bottle looks HUGE compared to that precious baby girl!

Liz said...

that is great news! I love reading good news! The binoculars entry had me laughing. Kids are too funny aren't they? Hope your wound isn't too bad and heals fast.

Anonymous said...

Becky - I have a gift for Addison from Val and Brent, and one from Chuck and I - but I didnt see you guys at church today so I will figure out a way to get them to you - any ideas? Maybe we could stop by for a minute this week - what is your address?

Emily said...

i found your blog from another blog i follow. that is awesome about bottle feeding. it looks like your little girl is doing so well!

we spent 100 days in the NICU with our little girl and we have been home about the same amount of time.


Emily said...

btw..if you want any preemie girl clothes, i have some outfits i will give you. just let me know.