Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Another Milestone

Today I am 30 weeks and 2 days pregnant. I have never been this pregnant. I am officially 3 complete weeks past when I had the boys. I have also officially been in the hospital for a month. 4 weeks and on bedrest for 8. I cannot believe it. I cannot wait to resume normal life BUT (there is always a "but" attached) I am in awe that I am still pregnant with the crazy Addison.

She did well on her tests again today and it continues to be a day to day pregnancy. Every day I come back from testing and the nurses ask how it went. They are secretly asking "Is today the day?" and I know it. It is definitely the question in everyone's mind including me. Today however was not the day.

I did get a 3D ultrasound of miss thing and it is "cute" I guess. I kind of think all 3D u/s look a little weird but it is an amazing thing to see her features. I think she will definitely get our big lips, as did our boys and it was fun to see that.

Their continues to be an outpouring of love on us from our friends and family. I have had visitors who always offer to bring lunch, starbucks, movies, books and just pray with me. I am enjoying passing the time with them. Briana and I worked on Addison's NICU card yesterday and that was fun. She made cards for the boys isolettes when they were born so we HAD to make one for our Addie Girl. I cannot wait until it is done and I will most definitely share a picture with you. A blog friend (who has never met me) sent me books to read. Isn't that sweet? Thanks Janna! It really does blow my mind and make me think about how I will help others in the future. People continue to make dinners for us and watch our boys throughout the day. We are so blessed!

Thanks to all who are continue to pray for us and support our family the way you have. We are humbled by it. I feel forever changed by it.

I got out some of the things for the boys baby books and took a picture of them My thumb is covering Eli's entire foot print at birth. Now he wears a size 9 shoe and we weighed him a few days ago and found that he weighed 38 lbs. Yikes. He at one point was down to 1lb 14oz. Alex is 28 lbs right now which is still a great weight and we feel amazed by it all.

When prepping the things for the baby books I found the verse that I had on my wall when Alex and Eli were in the NICU. I didn't know I'd kept it so it was a great and encouraging surprise. I put it up on my hospital bulletin board and it is a great reminder. (Pictured Below)

It doesn't get much more simple than that. Don't Worry, Pray!


Janna said...

I am always so happy to read that you are still pregnant! May the next four weeks fly by and soon you'll be at 34 weeks!

Anonymous said...

wahooo!! i check everyday to see that you are still pregnant. addy may be a little stubborn and she will come out shen she is ready. hmmmm, i wonder where she would get that from. lol!!hopefully she will decide that she doesn't want to come out for a while! i wish i lived closer so i could come and sit with you during the day, i know we could probably find a million things to talk and laugh about. i go to bed every night and wake up every morning praying that you are still pregnant. you are always in my thoughts and prayers. love you!