Monday, July 19, 2010

So thankful!


Just got back from visiting Addison and her blood results were negative. Her abdomen x-ray showed that she was still a bit distended but it had improved. I cannot tell you how thankful we are that she is doing better. Today was also her head ultra sound which is performed on all preemies approximately 7 days after birth and it screens for brain hemmorages and other abnormalities. Addison's was absolutely clear. She did not have any bleeds at all. Again we are in awe of God as he continues to protect our baby.

They started feeds again today at 10 am but they are about 1/2 the amount that she was previously recieving. I called to see if she digested that feeding well and she did. Our nurse said that she was so awake at her 1 o'clock feeding that she bottle fed her for the first time and Miss Addison took all of her feeding from a bottle. You've got to be kidding me. The child takes us from pure hell last night to drinking from a bottle for the first time today. Isn't that life, though? I am thankful that we have God to cling to during both the good and the bad because I know I couldn't have made it through last night without Him.

I wasn't able to hold her today because they wanted all of her energy to go into her feeding but I did take her temperature and change her diaper. I am praying that Jared will be able to hold her tonight when he visits. I will head back tomorrow to see my girl and hopefully she doesn't have anymore tricks up her sleeve. Well, not any bad ones anyways. She can surprise me with a good feed and weight gain any time she wants!

I am so emotionally and physically exhausted after last night that I am off to nap while the boys do. Pray for Jared who went back to work today. I know that he will feel torn between all of these different responsibilities (NICU life, work life and home life). Good "night"!

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