Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Latest NICU Fashions

Addie and the NICU girls are at the cutting edge of fashion.

Here's Addison wearing her Daddy around her little finger. I expect this "style" to be timeless and last for years. She is also wearing her pink hat, despite it being July. She is fearless in her fashion choices. Am I right, ladies?

daddy's girl

Another look, this newcomer to the fashion world, is sporting (and this is Mommy's favorite) is her pink hair bow. Isn't she precious?

our beautiful girl

Jared and I went during the boys nap today and visited with Addison. She continues to breathe on her own and had a huge weight gain last night. She is just under 2 lbs again so thanks for the prayers. She is up to 9 cc's for her feeds now which is great after being lowered to 3 because she wasn't digesting 6 well. She is having some bradycardias (lowering of the heart rate) which is a typical preemie thing but she has been spoiling us so much with no monitor noises that this kind of freaks us out. The nurses reminded us that this is typical and we are trying to rest in the fact that she is truly doing well.

Jared is at the NICU now and I am home (did I mention that?) trying to rest and recover from the c-section. It is so amazing to be home and with Jared, Alex and Eli. I miss my Addie girl but she is in good hands and we cannot wait to have her here making our family of 5 complete. Please continue to keep her in your prayers. We miss our tiniest new addition quite a bit when we are not with her so we hope she gets big soon and stays "healthy".


briana said...

Yay! You're home and Addie is doing good! This makes me very happy!!! I bet you are so excited to be home with those two cutie patooties! I can't wait for Addison to get to come home too! I'm praying that Addie gains weight like I do when I look at chocolate cake! Love you guys!

Liz said...

I love that she is doing so well! She is totally rocking those accessories! I can tell you are going to have fun dressing her. Glad you are home with the boys!

Janna said...

She is so precious! I LOVE the pink hair bow pic!

So happy to hear you're home and that your baby girl is still breathing room air and gaining weight!

KJ said...

She is doing AWESOME! Keep'll need it for when she gets home!