Tuesday, October 7, 2008

When does this end???

This picture beautifully portrays how we are all feeling lately. I think in our household we've confused summer with flu season so I was hoping that as we closed in on actual flu season we would start to feel better but that is not the case. Despite being sick on and off since July the boys have decided to carry it over into fall. Jared was sick all of last week as were the boys and then I finally got it on Saturday. We are doing breathing treatments around the clock and giving medicines while half asleep due to Alex's crazy outbursts at night. These are not the "usual" outbursts. They've been lasting hours. I am pretty sure he would just like Mommy to rock him to sleep every night and never put him down. I draw the line here though so we have had to let him CIO (cry it out) in between snuggles which has been torture. Last night was our first time sleeping through the night in about a week which of course felt like a month. We weren't even up with them this much at night when they were infants. We tend to thank the NICU, who kindly put our boys on a schedule, for this blessing. They have always been good sleepers so this has been quite an adjustment. As always, I cannot complain about these minor illnesses when I am well aware of the blessing that each of my children's health and development are. I am so thankful for these crazy boys.

Despite how they feel the boys are doing new things constantly and I am hoping to catch up on some posting so that I can have it all documented. We will see whether or not I can pull it off :) Wish me luck!

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rachael said...

good luck! i can't wait to read the updates. hope the boys (and you) are feeling better!