Sunday, October 26, 2008

I am my father's son!

I guess it had to rub off on at least one of the boys. Here is my sweet, Alex boy, swiffering. I am afraid that he is going to be the organized, obsessively clean, one. It was bound to happen and truthfully I am not really "afraid". I have actually found myself mentally beginning to look forward to chore charts and watching my list of "to do's" rapidly diminish. OK I may be dreaming a bit because the child is only 18 months old but on top of the swiffering he like things in order. If I put his fishies in the middle of his high chair tray he methodically moves them to the cup holder portion as to not disturb the clean tray in front of him. When he finishes with his sippy cup he carefully puts it on the arm of the couch which is where we always used to set their bottles when they finished. He loves putting his toys back into the toy bin and is completely fascinated with bins of every kind but that is usually because he wants to see if he fits in it which I am aware is unrelated to my theory. I must admit that I am not the one he has inherited this from as indicated by the title of this post. I, since being married, have come to appreciate the order of things but would still not consider myself at all compulsive in the organization department. Jared, on the other hand, is one of those people. He is pretty meticulous and I have come to love this about him because I will be the first to admit that I was a bit of a slob. I appreciated cleanliness but didn't mind a bit of disorder (o.k. maybe a lot of disorder). Who knows which, if any, of the boys will be Jared's "Mr. Clean" equivalent but I have to admit I am pulling for both of them. Can you imagine a house full of organized people who enjoy cleaning?? Well, with the exception of me, that is :) A girl can dream can't she???

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Mariah said...

Yes, I CAN imagine a houseful of clean freaks!!! I wish all my children were Type A's, but I think it's just gonna be Hannah! Ahhh...I love that girl!