Thursday, October 2, 2008


I utter these words more times a day than I care to recall. The ironic part is that I am pretty sure that my 17 month old sons don't have a clue what it means that is unless they think it means to pull harder and screech more loudly and maybe Mommy will choose you as the blessed one who gets to keep the toy based on your sheer determination and brute strength. They truly are not capable of the whole "last shall be first" mentality and who could blame them. I, on more days than I care to admit, don't get it either. But needless to say, again, this sharing issue fills my days. I have to admit that I understand their frustration. They lay down a toy for .01 seconds and it is no longer theirs for an undisclosed amount of time. I get so tired of wondering "who had it first?" that I often take whatever it is and put it away (so that they can find another toy to go to war over). Recently, I had to laugh at myself when I realized that I yanked a toy from Alex's hand in frustration and said "do NOT grab things out of your brother's hands!" Yeah, kind of like I just did when I grabbed it from you. I since have said "____, please give me the toy back, _____ was playing with it." Amazingly enough it has been working most of the time. Sometimes it isn't entirely effective but once I pry each, individual, chubby, little, finger from the stolen item I say thank you and it is still better than my aforementioned grabbing method. The verse that comes to mind is "Soft speech crushes strong opposition". I found this a couple of months ago when I realized that I didn't want to be a screechy, naggy, Mommy and that my sometimes shrill voice got on my own nerves. It also applied because toddlers are definitely the strongest opposition I have ever had to face.

*I have to add that Alex has begun to say "thank you" which is so sweet and adorable. Maybe there is hope yet :)

Things we refuse to share:

Don't try and come between a boy and his steed! Is a zebra even called a steed? and seriously Fisher Price who rides zebras? I always find myself saying "Go Eli, Ride 'Em Cowboy" and realizing umm...nope, it is still a zebra. (I am kidding, I get the whole imagination thing. I mean it's wearing tennis shoes). Anyways, Eli is extremely possessive of this thing!

The Little People School Bus! I am well aware of the fact that this seems to be a peaceful toy, however, don't be fooled. This causes some serious conflict in our house. I bought a fire engine at the same time but trust me it is inferior. I wish there was some way of knowing these things in advance but you can only live and learn in this crazy parenting world.


the schirano triplets said... is a word often ignored in our house too :)

monica said...

Oh this is so true!! We still have meltdowns on who toy it is and who had it last. My boys would alqays fight over the zebra also. I wih there was a way to find out if the toy is going to be a hit or not beofre e actually buy it! Great post its all so true!

Liz said...

yep, I'm living this too! That zebra should really be a horse and we have an older version of that bus and they fight over who takes the doors off. (The doors are supposed to stay on but they insist they be ripped off)

It's brutal and I do find myself being the screeching mom that I don't want to be. I'm impressed with the thank you though.

Harris Boys said... boys have NO idea what sharing is. one could be playing with a piece of paper and the other one wants it. it gets annoying, but hopefully they will start to share soon.