Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Apple Orchard

Jared and I LOVE fall! We love fall traditions. We just Absolutely. LOVE. fall. I guess I have made that clear enough. We always watch "You've Got Mail" (for whatever reason this is a "fall" movie for us), go to the apple orchard/pumpkin patch, enjoy the changing colors of the leaves, drink hot apple cider, and the newly added salted caramel hot chocolates (thank you Starbucks) the list goes on. We even love raking the leaves together. All this to say that we took the boys to the apple orchard yesterday. This was their 2nd time going but the first year that they actually enjoyed it. Last year we picked a very windy, busy, weekend day. This year the weather was mild, sunny, and it was pretty
much a perfect visit.

The boys thoroughly enjoyed the petting farm. Alex, who was hesitant to pet anything the last time we took him to a petting farm, got up close to all of the animals. It was shocking. I swear he is full of surprises. They had an ostrich that made me nervous (something about the creepy long neck and the big googly eyes) and the boys were not phased. We enjoyed cider and donuts and bought some pumpkins. I had to corral the boys while Jared purchased these things which was pretty interesting. People have always said to me "wait until they can move and they go 2 different directions". Well this was the moment when I felt that most heavily. I did, however, manage to get them into a gazebo and then block the entrance and exit. See, you just have to be resourceful, people! All in all it was a perfect, fall excursion and I look forward to more. I cannot wait for my sister's annual Halloween Party!

So I am curious....what is your favorite fall tradition? I'm always up for something new to add to our list.

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Helen said...

Stopping by from Multiples ad More! Your apple picking day looks fun! I haven't gone since I was little, but am looking to bring my boys in a week or so. I can't wait!