Sunday, October 19, 2008

Our 2nd Annual NICU Reunion

Dr. Clark (neonatologist) and Jared with the boys

Eli wasn't "feeling" the nostalgia like Mommy was.

Jared exiting the NICU and Me and the Boys next to the NICU graduate sign!

Exiting the NICU with Alex and Eli is always a liberating feeling.

Me and My Puppy

Oops! Did I mention it was a Halloween themed party?

We attended the NICU reunion today. We had such a great time. The boys were more into it this year and loved watching the Magician which kind of surprised me. They also had a life size Elmo dancing and I thought the boys would LOVE that and although they didn't dislike him we are definitely not ready for Sesame Street Live or anything. I was happy to learn this fact for free :) We saw our Neonatologists and NICU nurses which is always so nice. The main thing that I love about visiting the NICU is just the appreciation you feel not only for the people who helped your children but for your children themselves. I am amazed all over again that these 2 lb. creatures turned into little boys with double chins and pot bellies who are all over the place. We always get a little overwhelmed by our emotions while entering and exiting the boy's first home, as we like to call it.

Among others one of the cool things we experienced was that we ran into a Mom who Jared had talked to a couple of days after Alex and Eli's birth. Sandy (one of the nurses) called Jared out of the NICU and introduced him to this woman who had her then one year old with her who was a 27 weeker also. It was so nice to be able to tell her that we were those people she talked to and encouraged and that these were our now 18 month old boys who were doing so well. It was just one of those experiences we like to call a "God thing" (although in reality all things are). He had our paths cross for a reason and we talked and discovered that she too had developed HELLP syndrome. It is just always an encouragement to talk to others who have had similar experiences. Her 3 year old son is doing wonderfully also. The whole day was a success!


Liz said...

i know exactly how you feel about going back to the NICU. So many emotions get stirred up. The boys look great in their costumes.

Jared & Becky said...

Thanks Liz! I cannot wait to see you little ones in their costumes!

Harris Boys said...

love their customes becky. I can't relate to your nicu time, but seeing your boys now and how far they have come is a true blessing. you should be so proud!

rachael said...

i love the puppy costumes...they look so cute! the nicu is always such a strange step back into time isn't it?